Turkey in the Capital Markets 2016

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  • Interview with Cavit Dagdas, Undersecretary of Treasury

    Buttressed by vibrant domestic demand and supported by weak global commodity prices, Turkey’s economy continues to post solid growth. In this interview, treasury undersecretary Cavit Dagdas explains how Turkey’s medium term programme (MTP) will underpin continued growth.

  • Surprising Turkey

    Political uncertainty has provided a volatile backdrop for investors in Turkey over the last year, making the growth in its economy all the more impressive. But as Philip Moore reports, the country’s economic resilience will be severely tested this year.

  • Turkish banks find a financing glove that fits

    Turkish banks are looking to mortgage-backed covered bonds to close asset and liability mismatches and reduce borrowing costs. In the next few years, the asset class will become a cornerstone of their funding plans. Tyler Davies reports.

  • Turkey enjoys warm welcome to covered bond club

    Competition is becoming much fiercer in the Turkish banking sector. After years of rampant loan growth in many markets, banks will have to fight much harder to find new customers and bigger margins in the future.

  • Corporate debt skewered by political uncertainty

    Currency volatility and political upheaval are proving difficult hurdles to clear for Turkish companies wanting to graduate from domestic loan markets to the international capital markets. Elly Whittaker reports.

  • Turkish infrastructure: looking to build on healthcare successes

    Turkey’s use of the public-private partnership infrastructure model has proven effective, with the healthcare sector leading the way. Underdeveloped capital markets, insufficient international bank lending and political instability, however, are some of the numerous challenges the sector faces in sustaining its progress. Max Bower reports.

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