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  • Ten EU countries inch towards Robin Hood tax

    Some EU member states are nearing a compromise on a common financial transactions tax, something that has been discussed for almost a decade in the bloc, but has failed to materialise up to now.

    • 23 May 2019
  • Fed chair plays down fear of corp debt bust despite near-record high

    Business debt has reached near record levels that should give businesses and investors reason to “pause and reflect”, warned Jerome Powell, chair of the US Federal Reserve, this week.

    • 23 May 2019
  • Regulators lock sights on asset management

    Asset managers’ steady growth over the last 10 years is attracting the attention of regulators, who reckon they are of increasingly systemic importance to the financial system. But investment firms have pushed back, arguing that their activity is already well regulated and does not present the same risks as banks.

    • 23 May 2019
  • Optimal Cédulas reform is possible, but tricky

    Spain has a limited amount of time to bring its Cédulas framework into line with the EU's Covered Bond Directive. A legal update is probably going to be less disruptive than a completely new law — but neither option is perfect.

    • 21 May 2019
  • Syndicate teams ‘know less than 10 years ago’ says KfW treasurer

    The treasury head for one of Europe’s largest capital markets borrowers, Germany’s KfW, said last week that primary markets syndicates ‘know less about the markets than 10 years ago’, leading to bankers being more conservative about where to price bond issues than in the past.

    • 20 May 2019
  • Commission’s Berrigan pours cold water on EU safe asset, ESBies

    John Berrigan, deputy director general at the European Commission, has said that the creation of a European safe asset, and in particular European Safe Bonds, would be difficult to achieve.

    • 20 May 2019
  • French, Germans and Dutch call for new CMU push

    In a common letter published on Friday May 17, the finance ministers of France, Germany and the Netherlands proposed setting up a high level working group to decide the next steps needed to strengthen capital markets in the EU.

    • 20 May 2019
  • ANZ NZ forced to use standardised op risk model after ‘persistent’ control failures

    ANZ New Zealand has been informed by its regulator that it can no longer use its own internal models to calculate operational risk, leading to a 60% jump in its capital requirements in this field.

    • 17 May 2019
  • EU struggles to complete vital banking union pillar

    As the term of the EU Parliament and EU Commission draw close to an end, the institutions are busy congratulating themselves about the success of the capital markets union action plan that was launched in early 2015. Work in the field of banking and financial regulations over the last years nevertheless includes one big failure: failure to agree on the euro-area deposit guarantee scheme.

    • 16 May 2019
  • European regulators slam FX banks with €1.1bn fines

    The EU has fined five big banks about €1.1bn in total after it found that some of their currency traders were involved in a foreign exchange cartel.

    • 16 May 2019

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  • FCA fraud findings: a reminder of the danger of crypto

    The UK Financial Conduct Authority’s announcement this week that UK retail investors have lost £27m to FX and crypto scams will have won little more than passing attention from heavyweight capital markets players.

    • 23 May 2019

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