• Europe is not wasting this crisis

    The European Commission has delivered its proposal for an EU recovery fund. It may not be full debt mutualisation nor a solution to low European growth, but it is a huge step forward.

  • Argentina’s awkward anecdote

    Only in Argentina could a finance minister claim that default on billions of dollars of bonds constitutes merely an “anecdotal date”.

  • A 'courageous' IPO

    In the classic UK sitcom Yes, Minister, cunning civil servant Sir Humphrey Appleby would try to deter government minister Jim Hacker from making a particular decision by calling it "courageous" — meaning it was risky. He might have given similar advice to bankers on the IPO of coffee company JDE Peet’s this week.

  • AT1s: a mollycoddled market

    Banks should be brave enough to take decisions that upset their additional tier one (AT1) investors.