Japanese Issuers in the Global Debt Capital Markets 2016

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  • One small step for Kuroda,  one giant leap for Japan

    One small step for Kuroda, one giant leap for Japan

    The Bank of Japan has proven itself to be among the most aggressive central banks in the world over the last few years. But the central bank went a step further in February, pushing interest rates below zero. Investors and issuers are still struggling to figure out just what the policy means for them. Matthew Thomas reports.

  • Japan’s MoF: a steady hand on the tiller in choppy waters

    Since Shinzo Abe was elected as prime minister in December 2012, ‘Abenomics’ has been a buzzword for international and domestic investors alike. Abe’s determination to turn the Japanese economy around, combined with the aggressive style of his hand-picked central bank governor, has brought unprecedented attention to Japan in a time of global volatility. That makes the job of communicating the strengths of the Japanese economy to investors all the more important. GlobalCapital sat down with Eiko Kimata, director for debt management and JGB investor relations at Japan’s Ministry of Finance, on March 11 to find out how investors have reacted to the central bank’s recent move into negative interest rates, how international investors are viewing the potential of the Japanese economy, and how the Ministry of Finance can best approach a tricky funding environment.

  • Adapting to a new environment

    Japan’s top-rated credits are used to getting a captive audience from international investors, cheap spreads at home and their choice of funding markets. But the global volatility that has defined the financial markets over the last few years has made things tough even for these well placed issuers. GlobalCapital sat down with some of the most highly-regarded issuers in Japan, as well as respected senior bankers, to discuss how these issuers can best approach the debt markets.

  • Dollars in focus as yen  costs hit Samurai market

    Dollars in focus as yen costs hit Samurai market

    The Bank of Japan’s decision to cut interest rates below zero has already had an impact on the ability of bankers to generate cross-border deals. But the wider ramifications of the move may be reflected in the domestic bond market. Matthew Thomas reports.

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