Accessing the Japanese Investor Base

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  • Wanted: more diversification in Samurai sector

    Although volumes in the Samurai market are stable and healthy, the market remains concentrated among a relatively narrow range of issuer types. Philip Moore looks at the prospects for increased diversification in the market.

  • Uridashi market the star of the Japanese show

    With such slim rewards for putting their savings in bank deposits or Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs), it is little wonder that demand for Uridashi bonds remains so strong. Philip Moore looks at how international issuers are approaching this deep and stable reservoir of funding.

  • Second time lucky for SBAB Samurai

    SBAB Bank’s return to the Samurai market after a 12 year absence was well worth the wait.

  • Reluctant companies urged to step up Samurai issuance

    Corporate borrowers are few and far between in the Samurai market. Philip Moore looks at whether this is likely to change.

  • Recovery gathers momentum as hope returns to Japan

    Japan’s economic recovery has gathered momentum over the last year, but formidable challenges remain if the country is to deliver long term growth. Philip Moore reports.

  • Japan out to prove its worth beyond low rates

    At the retail and institutional level, Japan has one of the world’s largest investor bases. Philip Moore looks at how some of most regular borrowers are looking to access Japan’s liquidity pool.

  • Increasingly savvy investors develop resilient streak

    While the Euroyen market offers investors quick and easy access to a limited number of Japanese institutional investors, Samurais prize open a much bigger and more diverse arena of potential buyers. Philip Moore takes a closer look at this investor base.

  • Checking the small print

    Historically, some international issuers have baulked at the paperwork involved in accessing the Japanese investor base. Philip Moore looks at the documentation process.

  • Australasians earn most-favoured issuer status

    The Japanese investor base has always been a key source of funding for Australasian borrowers. As Philip Moore explains, it is becoming even more important, especially for Australia’s big four banks.

  • Accessing the Japanese Investor Base

    With Japanese investor demand for exposure to international credits strengthening, leading SSA and FIG borrowers from Europe gathered in February to discuss the outlook for supply-demand dynamics in Japan-targeted bond issuance.

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