ABS Vegas 2020 Day 1

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  • Whole biz ABS riskier than oil and gas deals, Fitch says

    Investors hungrily eyeing two esoteric ABS subsectors — one booming, the other nascent — may want to look take a second look, as Fitch Ratings this week warns that whole business securitizations are a riskier bet than the budding oil and gas ABS sector.

  • No return seen in euro CLOs for Norinchukin

    Even after the Japanese financial year-end at the end of March, Norinchukin Bank is unlikely to return to the European market as an anchor investor in senior CLO tranches, according to a CLO manager with knowledge of the bank’s approach.

  • CLOs escape cov-lite stricture by borrowing from revolvers

    Although European CLOs have a standard limit on the proportion of covenant-lite loans they buy, the definition of ‘cov-lite’ means that almost every term loan with a revolving credit facility elsewhere in the capital structure remains eligible for purchase by these vehicles.

  • Dwindling ABS yields draw thousands to SFVegas in search of new opportunities

    With spreads compressed across asset classes, SFVegas 2020 promises another huge year in attendance as over 8,000 structured finance market participants scour the desert for better returns in a low yield world.

  • ESG proponents on the hunt for a common framework

    A lack of data and a broad range of frameworks for identifying environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assets are significant hurdles standing in the way of ESG becoming a more robust asset class unto itself, said speakers at SFVegas 2020 on Sunday, urging advocates to harmonize their definitions and strategies for investing.

  • Investors hope to strike oil in budding oil and gas ABS market

    Oil and gas securitizations may be a win-win solution for the difficulties faced both by energy producers in search of a diversified source of funds and by investors hungry for long term, attractive returns, said speakers at SFVegas on Sunday.

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