Egypt 2019

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  • Egypt enters new phase of growth

    Egypt has reached a pivotal point in its new phase of economic development. For the fastest growing economy in the Middle East, and the biggest investment magnet in Africa, the task is to build on deep reforms to create a more business friendly environment, attract fresh investment and create meaningful jobs for the poorest Egyptians.

  • Interview: Dr. Sahar Nasr Minister of Investment and International Co-operation

    Less than a decade ago Egypt was deemed a no-go zone by many private sector investors, but now it’s an investment hotspot. We asked Sahar Nasr, Egypt’s Minister of Investment and International Co-operation, to explain what’s behind the turnaround

  • Resilient banking sector primed for action

    Egypt’s banking system has undergone a transformation. Supported by strong economic growth and a root-and-branch reform programme put in place over the last two decades, the country’s financial institutions are now pulling their weight, providing a vital lubricant for Egypt’s economic success

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