ABS East 2019 Day one

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  • Esoteric ABS spotlight shines on oil and gas royalties

    Market participants are taking a closer look at emerging asset classes with large capital needs not yet serviced by securitization, particularly oil and gas royalties, said panellists speaking at day one of ABS East.

  • High flying securitization market draws record crowd to ABS East

    Doors opened at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach on Sunday for the annual ABS East conference, kicking off what is expected to be the biggest year for the event to date, as deal making takes center stage and sponsors get ready to pitch a wave of issuance to yield hungry investors.

  • EU regulation delays threaten $50bn in UCITS funds

    Around $50bn of ABS may be trapped in undertakings for the collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) funds across Europe, unable to be put to work if US securitizations are deemed uncompliant with EU regulation.

  • ABS investors on the lookout for opportunities in next recession

    Market participants are turning to deals with tighter documentation and stricter lending requirements as a downturn nears, with the non-traditional lending sector set to play a larger role in the securitization market once the slowdown hits.

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