Global ABS 2019 Day Two

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  • ESMA urges market to prepare for SR implementation

    The European Securities and Markets Authorities’ (Esma) executive director Verena Ross this week said that implementation of the Securitisation Regulation will be difficult, given uncertainties and the lack of a transition period for the regulation, which came into effect at the start of the year. But she urged all market participants to be prepared.

  • Late cycle ABS holding up, amid fears of fleeting liquidity

    The securitization market is in a good position from both the perspective of credit quality and structure as the credit cycle heads into late innings, an industry panel heard on Wednesday, but there were fears over the possibility of a sudden liquidity crisis when the market turns.

  • Afme acts to protect market from FCA review

    The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (Afme) is preparing a response to the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s mortgage market consultation, to try to ensure that rules intended to help ‘mortgage prisoners’ do not hurt the broader UK securitization market.

  • Arrangers’ attitudes holding back CLO market, says PM

    The attitude of managers and arrangers is holding back the CLO market, with weakening deal terms and pre-placement of triple-A tranches a particular problem, said Balint Vogavolgyi, senior portfolio manager at Aegon during a panel discussion.

  • AFME chief Simon Lewis to step down

    Simon Lewis, the founding CEO of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe, the wholesale markets lobbyist, is leaving his post later this year.

  • Most Innovative Securitization Deal of the Year – Goldman Sachs, Vanderbilt University Trademark Royalty Securitization

    GlobalCapital took pitches for several contenders for the most innovative securitization deal of the year. All of them were impressive — whether using securitization to finance improvements to public infrastructure, convert a fleet of passenger planes into cargo aircraft, or pooling renewable energy credits to promote the development of residential rooftop solar energy.

  • Most Innovative Securitization Bank of the Year — Guggenheim

    As the securitization market in the US has expanded and accelerated in the decade since the financial crisis, institutions have pushed the boundaries to include collateral and structures not seen in the pre-crisis era. For the first time in the history of these awards, GlobalCapital solicited pitches from banks that considered themselves to be innovators in their markets.

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