Uzbekistan 2019

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  • Uzbekistan is reforming and opening up to the world

    Since late 2016, Uzbekistan has embarked on large-scale institutional, economic and social reforms under President Mirziyoyev’s administration.

  • Uzbekistan: coming in from the cold

    After years of isolation, Uzbekistan has started to forcefully address its economic challenges and exploit its inherent advantages in a way that offers the potential to make this resource-rich market a stronger player in the global economy

  • Investors attracted by lure of Uzbek capital markets

    Four decades after declaring independence, a successful Eurobond issue and major reforms show Uzbekistan is finally growing up and engaging with the world on its own terms

  • Uzbek banks open doors to foreign money

    After being off limits to foreign investors for many years, Uzbekistan has raced to catch up for lost time by seeking investments by European banks and international financial institutions

  • The heart of the New Silk Road

    After decades of self-imposed isolation, Uzbekistan is embarking on a range of projects with the help of Chinese assistance — and finance — to slowly start to stitch a recently remote country back into the global economy

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