Road to Sarajevo 2019

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  • Investing in Bosnia opens up access to wider markets

    Welcome to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I want to use this opportunity to point out immediately that Bosnia and Herzegovina represents much more than “post-war”, “complex structure”, “standstill in the process of government setup” and “programme with the IFI institutions”, which are the images which are sometimes used in the foreign media. Please allow me to explain why I have a different point of view which allows me to look at my country through the lens of accelerated and better progress in the future.

  • Securing the economic potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a middle-income country with a huge potential for growth, but unfortunately, it is the news and discussions about the politics that most of the time dominate the economic reform debate.

  • China’s focus means Bosnian economy no longer feeling left behind

    The governor of the central bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina hopes global investors will understand the opportunities and will seek to exploit them but so far, the main source of that attention has come from China

  • Joining the EU remains a dream for Bosnia

    Joining the European Union would put Bosnia and Herzegovina squarely on the investment map. But for now it seems that the hosts of this year’s EBRD annual meetings are not ready to make the step up yet

  • Banking on Bosnia’s financial strength

    The strength of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s banking sector is one of the tiny country’s overlooked successes, posting despite double digit growth in income and in return on equity

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