Japan in the Capital Markets 2019

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  • Japan’s SRI bond market: strength in numbers

    Outsiders often see Japan’s debt market as a staid place, where the maturity of investors and issuers leaves little room for innovation. The development of the green bond market puts the lie to that idea.

  • Japan finds own shades of green

    Japanese issuers’ supply of green bonds has rocketed in recent years. The country boasts a more diverse set of borrowers and a broader distribution of proceeds than many of its peers but further market development will present unique challenges, writes Morgan Davis

  • Corporate Japan rakes in international funding

    The yen bond market, for all its vibrancy, cannot contain Japan’s ambitious issuers. Banks and corporates are building on efforts to woo dollar and euro investors as they thirst for new sources of funding, writes Morgan Davis

  • Japan’s leading credits navigate a volatile market

    Japan’s top issuers occupy a unique part of Asia’s bond market landscape. They are well-regarded enough — and rated highly enough — that moments of fear in the credit markets can lead to more demand for their deals, rather than less. They face a domestic bond market defined by negative interest rates, an investor base that is ultra-sensitive to movements in the swap rate and an expectation from the government that their funding costs will remain tight.

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