ABS Miami Day Two

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  • Recession? Don’t count on one, say economists

    Asked when they expected the US to enter a full-blown recession, economists from the Milken Institute and Credit Suisse said at ABS East on Monday they doubted there would be one at all. But they called on the structured finance industry to help regulators get more comfortable with the flow of capital into private debt.

  • Blurring of issuer, investor lines marks ‘seismic shift’ in ABS since crisis

    Participants at the ABS East conference this year have commented to GlobalCapital that one of the biggest changes in securitization since the financial crisis has been the increasingly common commingling of the issuer and investor groups within the market. This means that issuers are holding onto more risk towards the bottom of the stack to get investors comfortable with their underwriting, as well as more investors buying assets to then turn around and securitize them.

  • CRT, UMBS to define Fannie and Freddie in 2019

    While there are no plans to release the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from government conservatorship in the near future, the growth of the credit risk transfer (CRT) market and the debut of the uniform mortgage-backed security (UMBS) in June 2019 may represent some of the most substantial post-crisis ‘housing reform’.

  • Investors stick to their favourites in maturing CLO market

    Balanced, buoyant, fragile, resilient? The divergence of views on show during a panel discussion on CLOs in Miami on Monday revealed a market that is enjoying record volumes, but is also facing a range of challenges such as more complex documentation, riskier loans, spikes in refinancing activity and the evergreen issue of a lack of triple-A buyers.

  • Solar financing is competitive, but expect ABS to thrive

    If there is any pessimism regarding the future of solar securitization, few in the sector are letting on.

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