ABS Miami Day One

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  • Surging market puts ABS East over the top, with nearly 5,000 expected

    A booming securitization market and a last minute pop in registrations will bring nearly 5,000 ABS market pros to Miami Beach for this year’s ABS East conference, as attendees look to get the pulse of an aging credit cycle and an outlook on what to expect as the market nears its peak.

  • Downgrades may tie managers’ hands in downturn

    CLO managers have long highlighted their ability to generate investor returns by actively managing their portfolios during market downturns, but that may be harder to do during the next slump because of deteriorating loan underwriting, said panellists at IMN’s ABS East conference on Sunday.

  • US ABS investors add Fed unwinding, tax reform to list of issues

    While the ABS markets have continued to build momentum each year since the financial crisis, investors are seeing a mix of good and bad on the horizon as capital flows extensively into burgeoning corners of the market and the Federal Reserve continues apace with its normalization of monetary policy.

  • Housing regulator braces for major change in 2019

    Mel Watt, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), has vowed to stay on until 2019 despite accusations of sexual harassment. Even if he sees through his term, however, what comes next could reshape the regulator and the market it oversees.

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