GlobalCapital Asia: 30 Years in the Capital Markets

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  • China steals the show but all of Asia should take a bow

    It is hard to describe the enormous changes that have taken place in Asia over the last three decades. The startling transformation of China, the rise of a regional trading bloc in Southeast Asia and a series of local, regional and global financial crises have completely altered Asia’s economic landscape.

  • Beating expectations: Asia DCM is growing by leaps and bounds

    There was a time when Asia’s dollar bond market was just a sideshow to the global market, offering little in the way of excitement, sophistication or innovation. How times change, as Rashmi Kumar finds out.

  • Asia’s loan market proves resilience but cries out for innovation

    Asia’s loan market has seen big shifts over the past three decades, with regional banks competing head-on with international lenders and the institutional market gathering pace. But some key ingredients are still missing, writes Rashmi Kumar.

  • Asian local currency debt bonds: a work in progress

    Asia’s local currency bond markets, which received a big fillip following the region’s financial crisis in 1997, have come a long way as economies work towards insulating themselves from global volatility. But although the region’s economies are now in better shape, there is no room for complacency, writes Rashmi Kumar.

  • More resilient, more self-reliant, Asia is better prepared for the next crisis

    The Asian financial crisis forced countries in the region to become more resilient. The global financial crisis proved they had done just that. But what shape will the next crisis take — and how are Asian economies equipped to deal with it? Matthew Thomas finds out.

  • Thriving investor base changes game but is yet to go green

    Asian investors’ rise to dominance has caused a repricing across the region’s capital markets, and raised questions about just where US and European deals should price. How much further can regional liquidity rise in importance? GlobalCapital Asia finds out.

  • AWOL investors and 26-hour conference calls

    A lot has changed for capital markets bankers in Asia over the last 30 years — and not just their favourite bars. GlobalCapital Asia asks veteran bankers to wander down memory lane and pick their best, and worst, moments.

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