Italy in the Capital Markets 2018

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  • Italian banks return to the fold

    A remarkable year of recovery has put Italian banks in a far stronger position to raise huge quantities of bail-inable senior bonds and clean up their balance sheets. By Tyler Davies.

  • Tesoro ready to reap the benefits of Italy’s improving economy

    Italy has weathered with remarkable resilience what was a profoundly turbulent year in European politics. While it still faces its own turmoils — an approaching parliamentary election in particular — its recovering economy and process of economic and political reforms have given investors the confidence to put money to work in Italian assets. The next 12 months will see the beginning of the reduced quantitative easing programme and a host of new regulatory challenges, but the Italian treasury is confident that it, and the banks with which it works, will be able to adapt to the new challenges and opportunities 2018 holds. GlobalCapital hosted this roundtable in mid-December.

  • Italian retail investment: out with the old, in with the new

    The Italian retail bond market is going through a major shake-up in which alternative investments are set to replace bank bonds among the securities of choice for Italian households. Tyler Davies reports.

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