Suriname 2017

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  • Reforms for stability

    Finance minister Gillmore Hoefdraad had a front row seat as Suriname’s open economy was battered on three fronts — lower gold and oil prices, and the end of bauxite mining — leading to a recession in 2016. However, as Hoefdraad points out, the recovery is well underway and explains how, through several measures that the government is taking, it is becoming better prepared for external shocks.

  • Investor relations - Suriname

    Suriname is South America’s smallest nation, with an area of just 163,820km2 and a population of just over 567,000. It is also its youngest: independence from the Netherlands was gained in November 1975.

  • Key data at a glance

  • Suriname making strides to fix macro weaknesses

    After suffering from the end of the commodity boom more than most, Suriname’s recovery is impressing many investors. Although questions linger around the fiscal consolidation plan, the government’s reform agenda looks to be putting the economy on the right track.

  • Extracting growth: oil and gold generate excitement

    The opening of Suriname’s second large gold mine has played a crucial role in the country’s economic recovery, and offshore oil discoveries in neighbouring Guyana have raised hopes for similar finds in Suriname. With the government apparently conscious of the need to be wise with the windfall, natural resources have the potential to transform the country.

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