Securitization in the Global Marketplace 2017

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  • Banking on the underbanked: shedding the subprime stigma

    The number of underbanked borrowers in America has grown since the financial crisis as their access to mainstream forms of credit has narrowed. Sasha Padbidri examines how some companies are working to erase the subprime stigma, experimenting with alternative methods of underwriting

  • Turning on the spigot for US consumer ABS

    The US consumer finance market has come a long way since the depths of the global financial crisis. By most metrics, the market has not just climbed back to the peak but is continuing to rise to new heights. ABS has become a key part of that ascent, as lenders look to extend both secured and unsecured consumer credit.

  • The old with the new: plotting the course for European CLOs

    The European CLO market has reached a juncture. The asset class has performed well over the past two years, with spreads ratcheting to post-crisis tights while a broader range of investors from across the globe have been drawn to the sector.

  • Millennial bug: US CMBS tackles retail sickness

    Generational changes affecting the way consumers in the US shop, work and live, could be set to transform the nation’s commercial real estate market. The plight of shopping malls, and the wider retail sector, is the topic that has caused most immediate concern in the CMBS market. But that’s not the only factor that market participants should be concerned about, writes David Bell

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