Romania in the Capital Markets 2017

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  • Romania seeks more pragmatic and predictable government

    The economic growth of the last five years is great for Romania, but is just the beginning, said Dacian Cioloş, Prime Minister of Romania, at an event in Bucharest organised by the Ministry of Public Finance and GlobalCapital. The country has to translate growth into development, to redress the inequalities between richer and poorer classes and regions. That means building a more productive, high value added economy, with investment in research and innovation; fighting corruption; improving governance at state companies; making the public administration more efficient; and stronger education and training. Above all, Romania must focus on generating prosperity for the younger generation.

  • ‘I’m certain that Europe has a positive future’

    Europe must take the wake-up call of the UK referendum seriously, argued Germany’s Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, at a high level meeting in Bucharest organised by the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance and GlobalCapital.

  • Fast growth in GDP, investment and exports

    Romania is in its best shape, economically, for a decade. With the budget deficit under control and employment growing, the prospects look bright, argued Anca Dragu, Minister of Public Finance, at an event in Bucharest organised by the ministry and GlobalCapital. The government is striving to make the public finances more transparent, with granular details of spending and revenue published online, and is trying to simplify taxation and cut red tape. Risks include Brexit, domestic demand outstripping supply and bottlenecks slowing down the process of reform and investment.

  • Tax cuts and wage growth get Romania moving — can reforms finish the job?

    Romania is the economic growth star of Europe. Tax relief and VAT cuts have stimulated consumption and investment is strong. Wages are rising fast, but Romania remains competitive. With labour costs a fifth of the EU average, it should be — but that statistic shows how big a hill the country has to climb.

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