Asiamoney December 2016

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  • Finance in the Middle East Awards 2016

    It has been another testing year for banks in the Middle East. A strengthening dollar abroad, pallid economic growth at home and political instability still flaring around the region have hampered expansion plans and put a squeeze on profits. But some banks have weathered this storm well and have proven once again how resilient the Middle Eastern banking market really is. To recognise the outstanding performances of these institutions, Asiamoney is pleased to announce the winners of our awards for best banks in the Middle East 2016.

  • Taiwanese banks venture overseas

    Faced with a low margin environment and intense competition at home, Taiwanese banks have been looking outward for growth. But as they diversify away from China due to regulatory and political pressure, lenders from the island nation face new challenges on due diligence. Shruti Chaturvedi reports.

  • Chinese LGFVs set to build on strong 2016

    Chinese local government financing vehicles (LGFVs) have been one of the key drivers of bond volumes this year as they hit the international market in large numbers. The increasing supply means there is more scrutiny of the underlying risk but the sector looks set for another bumper year in 2017. Addison Gong reports.

  • AMTD plots global expansion

    Hong Kong-based AMTD has found its way into the league table for Asia’s top 50 DCM bookrunners just one year after kicking off its capital markets and advisory business. For Calvin Choi, chairman, this is only the beginning. In an interview with Asiamoney’s Rashmi Kumar, Choi shares his plans for the firm including international expansion and a potential listing.

  • Equity markets enjoy an Indian summer

    India’s equity capital markets are at their healthiest in half a decade, having emerged from an extended period of lacklustre activity. The country’s positive macro story combined with the diversity of companies on offer means the outlook remains bright for 2017. Jonathan Breen reports.

  • China ECM: after the storm

    From China’s circuit breaker mayhem to a shock Brexit result and victory for Donald Trump, volatility was not on short supply this year. But after months of ducking for cover, equity bankers are emerging, if tentatively, from under their desks. For equity capital markets, the outlook on China is brightening, writes John Loh.

  • GlobalCapital Asia regional capital markets awards 2016, Part I: Loans

    In the first instalment of our 2016 awards, we present the winners for Best Leveraged/Acquisition Finance, Best Investment Grade Syndicated Loan, Best High Yield Syndicated Loan and Best Loans House.

  • GlobalCapital Asia regional capital markets awards 2016, Part II: Equity

    In the second part of our 2016 awards, we present the winners for Best Equity-Linked Deal, Best IPO, Best Follow-on/ABB and Best Equity House.

  • GlobalCapital Asia regional capital markets awards 2016, Part III: Bonds

    For the third part of our annual awards, we cover Best Local Currency Bond, Best Structured Finance, Best High Yield Bond, Best Investment Grade Corporate Bond, Best Financial Bond, Best Sovereign Bond, Best Local Currency Bond House and Best G3 Bond House.

  • GlobalCapital Asia regional capital markets awards 2016, Part IV: Investment Bank

    In the fourth and final part of our annual awards we reveal our choice for Best Asian Investment Bank and Best Investment Bank.

  • Best Managed Company Awards 2016: Asia’s finest stand out

    Asiamoney is pleased to present its choices for Asia’s Best Managed Companies in 2016. In a year marked by political and economic upheaval, the region’s best firms and executives impressed on through a combination of factors including financial performance, innovation and strategic execution.

  • Corporate Governance Poll 2016: Time to get serious

    Asia has taken its time in improving corporate governance standards, with experts agreeing on the need for broader action. But Taiwan and Hong Kong firms seem to be moving in the right direction, as shown in the results of this year's Asiamoney Corporate Governance poll. Paolo Danese reports.

  • Brokers Poll 2016: HSBC and CLSA take the crown as Asia’s best

    Asia’s brokerages have needed to stay nimble in the face of volatile markets and changing regulation that has tested their industry. HSBC and CLSA are well placed to meet the challenge after coming out top in the Asiamoney Brokers Poll. Peter McGill reports.

  • Brokers Poll 2016: The right call

    Analysts in Asia are used to dealing with dynamic and unpredictable markets but the events of this year provided a real test of mettle. Against a backdrop of global political upheaval and worsening economic outlook at home, the winners of Asiamoney’s 2016 Brokers Poll have proved they have what it takes to impress their clients.

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