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  • Protecting the heart and lungs of the planet

    Protecting the heart and lungs of the planet

    One year after the launch of the Clean Oceans Initiative, the European Investment Bank wants to use its success in tackling plastic pollution as a springboard to safeguard the wider blue economy.

  • Spearheading alignment with the Paris Agreement

    Spearheading alignment with the Paris Agreement

    With its push to embrace its role as the European Union’s climate bank, the European Investment Bank is set to play a key part in the alliance of multilateral development banks committed to fight climate change.

  • Towards a decarbonised future

    Towards a decarbonised future

    The European Investment Bank has set out a strategy for lending that will support the EU’s goal of decarbonising the economy by financing investments that cut emissions, combat climate change and support alternatives to fossil fuels.

  • A New Era for the Chinese Bond Market

    In 2018, Chinese GDP grew 6.6% to reach a total of Rmb90 trillion ($13.4 trillion). It now accounts for 15.8% of global GDP. At the micro level, 16,500 companies are founded every day in China, and nearly 250,000 people take high-speed railway every hour.

  • Sustainable finance: moving towards a common language

    Since the issuance of a pioneering Climate Awareness Bond (CAB) by the European Investment Bank (EIB) in 2007, the global Green Bond market has expanded at an impressive pace, with total issuance passing the $500bn mark in the third quarter of 2018.

  • Reimagining Banking through Technology

    Technological innovation is dramatically disrupting society at every level, and financial services are no different. It is impossible to predict how technology will evolve, but the most successful banks will be the ones that adapt to become technology companies themselves, says Michael F. Spitz, CEO of Main Incubator, the research and development unit of Commerzbank.

  • European Securitization Regulation: what’s next for CLOs?

    European Securitization Regulation: what’s next for CLOs?

    The European Securitization Regulation became applicable from January 1, 2019. It has a number of goals, including consolidating and recasting existing European regulations, establishing a framework for Simple, Transparent and Standardised securitization and introducing new transparency and disclosure requirements.

  • Governor steers a steady course for Qatar

    Qatar Central Bank Governor Sheikh Abdullah bin Saud al-Thani says that after showing the country’s resilience last year, it is poised for a new phase of growth

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