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  • Exploring the securitization trends shaping Global ABS 2021

    Ahead of AFME & IMN’s 25th Anniversary Global ABS conference this September, IMN spoke to Rob Ford of TwentyFour Asset Management and the AFME securitization board about what’s happening in the market, the key trends he expects to see in the remainder of 2021, and the themes likely to be discussed and debated at the event. Here are some extracts from the interview:

  • Middle Market CLO Manager of the Year — Golub Capital

    Golub Capital has won the GlobalCapital 2020 awards for Middle Market CLO Manager of the Year and Middle Market CLO Deal of the Year. These awards continue the firm’s long track record of market leadership in middle market CLOs. They also reflect the power and resilience of Golub Capital’s sponsor finance platform through the Covid-19 crisis. The firm has been the top middle market CLO issuer by volume for the past eight years, according to Creditflux data.

  • Best ABS Law Firm and Best RMBS Law Firm — Mayer Brown LLP

    Mayer Brown’s strategy is to have genuine strength, depth and expertise across all securitization asset classes. The firm employs over 100 lawyers specializing in structured finance, works on well over 250 deals a year and regularly tops the league tables. This ability to combine comprehensive breadth with deep-seated expertise earned it not one but two awards from the market in 2020: best ABS Law Firm and best RMBS Law Firm.

  • Broadly Syndicated CLO Manager of the Year — GoldenTree Asset Management

    Many CLO managers went into 2020 aggressively positioned, with a high percentage of portfolio assets rated triple-C and on the cusp. When the pandemic hit, a wave of downgrades drove these same managers into bouts of forced selling and severely limited purchases of new assets. But not GoldenTree Asset Management.

  • Securitization Rating Agency of the Year — Kroll Bond Rating Agency

    Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) has always had a culture of intellectual curiosity. Since its foundation in 2011, the search for new challenges and frontiers has led the firm to all corners of securitization. From areas as disparate as single-family rental and commercial real estate NPLs to marketplace lending and solar. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, the firm is active across a wide array of structured finance areas, including ABS consumer lending, CMBS, MBS, and CLOs, as well as esoterics such as aviation, and whole business securitizations.

  • Esoteric ABS Bank of the Year — Guggenheim Securities

    There’s a saying that once is luck, twice is coincidence, and three times is a pattern. While we don’t wish to become the in-house newspaper of Guggenheim Securities, once again, following victories in 2019 and 2020, the firm has exceeded our expectations when it comes to the depth, breadth and quality of its securitization activities, and for that reason, we have chosen to award it Esoteric ABS Bank of the Year.

  • ABS Deal of the Year — Global Jet Capital: Business Jet Securities 2020-1

    Global Jet Capital spent many years in meeting after meeting and conference after conference explaining to investors a simple truth - that business aviation is its own market entirely. In 2020, the message hit home. The commercial sector remained in disarray even after lockdowns ended. Business jet travel bounded back sharply. Commercial aviation ABS investors were exposed to firms whose very existence was in doubt. Business aviation ABS investors were exposed to wealthy individuals and successful firms in an array of different industries. At the height of the pandemic while commercial ABS hit collateral triggers, Global Jet Capital hit the primary market with a transaction the market overwhelmingly voted ABS deal of the year.

  • RMBS Deal of the Year — Nomura

    RMBS deals of the year are often innovative in one form or another. But they typically only boast one or perhaps two fresh features. Investors looking at the Nomura-led Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust 2020-AB1 had to use both hands to count the structural innovations. The $285.8m reverse mortgage transaction from Waterfall Asset Management was the clear winner in 2020, impressing investors, analysts and other issuers with its groundbreaking structure.

  • Hedge Fund Investor of the Year and RMBS deal of the Year — Waterfall Asset Management, LLC

    Waterfall Asset Management is one of the largest structured product-focused alternative investment managers by assets under management. It is a testament to the firm’s skill, dedication, and innovation that this year it won awards both as issuer – RMBS deal of the year – and as hedge fund investor of the year. Waterfall manages approximately $9.5bn of assets across a variety of co-mingled funds, funds-of-one, separately managed accounts, a publicly-traded REIT, and a private equity fund.

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