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  • Italy’s leaders are winning the battle Syriza lost

    J Paul Getty once said that if you owe the bank $100, that’s your problem. But if you owe the bank $100m, that’s the bank’s problem. Italy’s battle with Europe and the response from the European Central Bank (ECB) suggest the same is true of eurozone membership.

    • 08 Nov 2018
  • Mid-terms mean more misery for Moscow marts

    Russian capital markets have had a rough time this year, but the prospect of relief from sanctions diminished this week after the Democrats regained control of the US House of Representatives.

    • 08 Nov 2018
  • German banking: throwing stones in a Glashaus

    Too little capital, too much sketchy stuff on the balance sheet, too poor a set of earnings figures; maybe Germany should look closer to home before criticising other countries’ banking systems.

    • 01 Nov 2018
  • Fundamentals won’t help catch falling markets

    Global equity markets' red October caught many by surprise. It was an unusual coincidence of mostly positive earnings reports and the worst month of stock performance for some time. Anyone looking to bring a deal to the market should pay more attention to the direction of travel than scavenging for positives with which to paint a rosy picture.

    • 01 Nov 2018
  • The EU is over-reliant on rating agencies

    Investors and regulators in Europe treat a couple of private rating agencies as omniscient — and that is bad for the rest of us.

    • 25 Oct 2018
  • Currency is politics

    Some investors are apparently looking for the euro to go global as a counterpoint to the dollar, which is “becoming a political instrument”. A currency that was contrived as a means to bind together a disparate bunch of societies and their economies is surely little other than a political instrument.

    • 25 Oct 2018
  • Investors need to retune on Netflix

    It was a good week for Netflix as its stock jumped by almost 10% after it released its third quarter results, but the company’s business model and overvalued stock makes it seem like a bubble trade.

    • 18 Oct 2018
  • Ethical indifference could hurt EM buyers in the pocket

    The accusations leveled at Saudi Arabia over the disappearance and alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi deserved more than the blip in Saudi trading we saw this week. There are sound, financial reasons why investors should be wary of investing in the country, no matter the size of its oil reserves.

    • 18 Oct 2018
  • Testing Brexit stress scuppers stress testing

    Tucked away at the end of a press release, the Bank of England announced this week that it would delay a stress test for financial institutions. A messy departure from the EU could test the banks in real life instead.

    • 11 Oct 2018
  • Fintech M&A: the future is here

    Fintech M&A has come of age, with buyers now focusing on the upper strata of the industry rather than the minnow on minnow action that has defined the sector so far. The capital markets should prepare for the influx of deal making.

    • 11 Oct 2018

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