Germany's public sector issuers lead from the front


At the end of June GlobalCapital and DZ Bank brought together some of Germany’s leading public sector bond issuers to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their capital markets activities...

Germany's public sector issuers lead from the front





  • SSA underwriting fees: lowering them will do more harm than good

    Public sector borrowers should be careful what they wish for. Those looking to follow the European Union’s lead in lowering the underwriting fees they pay to banks could cause an unwelcome distortion to their market at a time when getting funding through the door with minimal drama is perhaps more crucial than ever.

  • SSA underwriting fees: a more modest proposal

    The SSA syndication fee schedule is no longer fit for purpose, if it ever was. The EU has kick-started the debate, but the flaws in the business model go well beyond the issues the EU's fees grid has raised.