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  • Climate activists boo Larry Fink’s CEO letter

    Larry Fink, chief executive of BlackRock, became one of the most namechecked people in the responsible investing movement in 2018 when he affirmed that “Companies must benefit all of their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and the communities in which they operate.”

    • 17 Jan 2019
  • Gilt linkers cheapen after Lords committee takes aim at RPI

    Index-linked Gilts took a hit on Thursday after a House of Lords committee concluded that the UK government should correct an “error” in the Retail Prices Index calculation — a tweak that would cause “material detriment” to bondholders.

    • 17 Jan 2019
  • Ivanka Trump and the World Bank — a blessing in disguise?

    Ivanka Trump, a US businesswoman better known as the daughter of US president Donald Trump, is set to help out in the search for a new World Bank president. While she is probably the least qualified person ever to have assisted in the process of appointing such an important position, the tempering influence she may have on her father’s disdain for multilateralism could be a blessing — at least the best we can hope for in these politically insane times.

    • 15 Jan 2019
  • US will try to stop MDBs securitizing

    Hopes of a thriving new market for securitizations by multilateral development banks hit a hole in the road in December, when the US Treasury said it disapproved of them and would seek to stop them.

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • UniCredit trade shows how Italy needs the ECB

    Italian banks are paying up for funding, both a cause and effect of financial stress in the country. It shows why the European Central Bank is likely to continue with TLTRO (targeted longer-term refinancing operations), and why the Italian government has less leverage over Europe than meets the eye.

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • Obituary: John Lee-Tin Jr — Shining brightest

    Cultured, guitar-playing capital markets banker who was widely seen as the best SSA originator in the business died on December 26. He was 48 and had been suffering from cancer.

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • Moody’s mulls rule switch to boost supranational securitizations

    Moody’s is looking at amending its rating approach for multilateral development banks and supranationals in the wake of last year’s groundbreaking African Development Bank ‘Room2Run’ risk transfer deal, proposing explicit ratings credit for ‘credit protection features’ for the first time.

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • Kim exit sparks fears of Trump plant at World Bank

    The surprise decision by Jim Yong Kim to quit as president of the World Bank and join a private fund has triggered a race for the top job in development finance, at a time when the US, the Bank's largest shareholder, is hostile to multilateralism. By Phil Thornton

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • World Bank risks US wrath with China loans

    Research by a US thinktank shows that the World Bank will have to carry out major reform of its lending to China to meet US-driven goals to focus loans on projects with benefits outside wealthy provinces. By Phil Thornton

    • 10 Jan 2019
  • Barclays names new DCM leadership

    Barclays has unveiled the new structure of its management team for its global DCM and risk solutions group businesses, naming a new head of DCM for EMEA.

    • 10 Jan 2019

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  • When a bad deal leads to no deal, no one wins

    Maintaining confidence in the system relies on trust that leaders — those selected for their competence and character to set the course for the rest of us — are well informed, able to communicate with others at their level and take decisions that serve the interests of those they lead.

    • 17 Jan 2019

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5 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 4,801.82 6 7.25%

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4 Barclays 10,953.98 19 8.73%
5 BNP Paribas 8,319.48 16 6.63%