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  • Outlook brightens for UK PLC, but Brexit will bite soon

    Outlook brightens for UK PLC, but Brexit will bite soon

    There are fundamental reasons for UK assets to be revalued upwards, analysts believe. The powerful majority achieved by Boris Johnson's Conservatives tilts the UK towards a Trump-like market-friendly, fiscally generous patch. But the reality of Brexit cannot be ignored for long.

  • Germany disappoints levfin market as volumes slump

    Volumes in European leveraged finance took a dive in 2019, leaving leveraged credit investors struggling to find value. A string of take-private attempts, especially in Germany, had lenders and banker salivating, but fell apart before coming to market

  • As US banks’ shadow lengthens, Europeans plan their fight back

    Each year brings another retreat for European investment banks, as their seemingly invincible US competitors edge further into the European market. While the Europeans are far from capitulating, the pressure is relentless. As Jasper Cox reports, they are trying to redefine success by concentrating on the markets and segments where they are strongest

  • Sponsors try to tame net short activists with covenant magic

    Lawyers in the US have had a busy 2019 drawing up tough documentation to protect borrowers and sponsors from CDS investors — net short activists — trying to get their say on the future of a company. With these provisions spreading to Europe, 2020 could be an even busier year

  • CS optimistic on tech, healthcare, M&A

    CS optimistic on tech, healthcare, M&A

    Credit Suisse expects to make a pre-tax loss in its investment banking and capital markets (IBCM) division this year, it said at an investor day on Wednesday. But it pointed to a strong pipeline for 2020.

  • Volatile UK politics worry M&A and PE executives

    Volatile UK politics worry M&A and PE executives

    Increasingly divisive and unpredictable UK politics is threatening the favourable conditions on which private equity firms and the leveraged finance industry have relied during the post-crisis years. Most levfin bankers and PE partners breathed a great sigh of relief on Friday morning, when the risk of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government dissipated and no deal Brexit became far-fetched — but uncertainty over Brexit remains. Karoliina Liimatainen reports.

  • France blocks Taxonomy law at last moment

    France blocks Taxonomy law at last moment

    On Wednesday, just as the European Commission launched its European Green Deal to move Europe to a carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly future, France led a revolt against the Taxonomy which was the centrepiece of the EC's Sustainable Finance Action Plan.

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