• Crisis forces hard choices on European banks

    The coronavirus crisis has reshaped many aspects of finance, but not the line-up of top investment banks. It does appear to have pressed some firms into sharp decisions, though.

  • Pandemic means market can handle IPO wave

    European equity capital markets are gearing up for a wave of autumn IPOs and are worrying that they will struggle for investor attention. But one of the few good things to have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic — the use of technology to accelerate deal calendars — should alleviate fears of congestion.

  • The right time for rights issues

    Equity capital markets are preparing for a busy autumn, with companies looking to raise cash to survive and thrive through the Covid-19 pandemic. But the window for raking in money may well be small, with a number of factors, of which a rising infection rate is only one, threatening turbulence for some time to come.