• Liquidity makes a market, the ECB takes it away

    Despite the Eurozone covered bond market’s huge size, its inherent liquidity is dwarfed by much smaller sectors outside the trading block — effectively meaning ‘the market’ is slowly but surely becoming impotent.

  • Markets must beware blue wave complacency

    Equity markets are pricing in a big win for Democrats in the US elections in November, meaning a large post-election stimulus package to help the economy through Covid-19. However, they should be wary as president Donald Trump is far from beaten.

  • EU can’t have it both ways on securitization

    The European Parliament’s proposals on the role of the securitization in fixing the European economy are set to nullify any benefit STS might grant to the synthetic market. With Europe’s economy at stake, the Parliament must decide whether ABS is a hindrance or a help.