Maturing Money Deal Roll-off chart

  • 09 Sep 2001
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The Deal Roll-off Chart, provided by Capital DATA Loanware, lists the 50 largest leveraged credit facilities in the U.S. market that are due to mature in the coming month. It is designed to provide a look at potentially available money in the market as credits are renewed or retired


Borrower Full NameIns typeUS$ equiv Amt (Tr. total)MarginLoan PurposeSigning dateMty DateArranger
Caterpillar IncREV3,250.00LIBOR:19.00 bp.28-Sep-0027-Sep-01Citibank NA, Societe Generale
Boeing CoREV3,000.00LIBOR:12.50 bpRefinancing30-Sep-9430-Sep-01Citibank NA
American General CorpREV2,800.00LIBOR:20.00 bpStandby/CP support28-Sep-9628-Sep-97Chase Manhattan Bank NA
TIAA-CREFREV2,500.00.General corporate8-Sep-007-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA
Network Plus IncREV2,500.00LIBOR:6.50%Debt repayment19-Sep-0019-Sep-01FleetBoston, Goldman Sachs & Co, DLJ Bridge Finance LP
College Retirement Equities Fund (CRRF)REV2,500.00LIBOR:28.00 bpGeneral corporate8-Sep-007-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Bank of New York, Citibank NA, Deutsche Banc Alex Brown
Toyota Motor Credit Corp (TMCC)REV2,500.00LIBOR:11.00 bp.14-Sep-0013-Sep-01Bank of America
Toyota Motor Credit Corp (TMCC)REV2,500.00LIBOR:12.00 bp, CDs:24.50 bpRefinancing, Standby/CP support24-Sep-9624-Sep-97JP Morgan Securities Inc
Cox Communications IncREV2,400.00LIBOR:50.00 bp.25-Sep-0024-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Bank of America
Compaq Computer CorpREV2,200.00CDs:80.00 bp.29-Sep-0028-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Bank of America, Bank One Corp, Citibank NA
Boeing CoREV2,200.00LIBOR:37.50 bpAcquisition line, Standby/CP support27-Sep-0026-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Citibank NA
Motorola IncREV2,000.00LIBOR:11.50 bpStandby/CP support11-Sep-9611-Sep-97Chase Securities Inc
Avaya IncREV1,700.00LIBOR:82.50 bpStandby/CP support, General corporate25-Sep-0024-Sep-01Citibank NA, Bank One Corp, Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Commerzbank AG, Deutsche Bank AG
Southern Energy IncREV1,670.00LIBOR:105.00 bpAcquisition line1-Sep-001-Sep-01Credit Suisse First Boston
Johnson Controls IncREV1,600.00LIBOR:16.50 bpAcquisition10-Sep-9610-Sep-97JP Morgan Securities Inc
Southern Energy IncRT1,500.00LIBOR:105.00 bpAcquisition line1-Sep-001-Sep-01Credit Suisse First Boston
Baxter International IncREV1,500.00LIBOR:16.00 bpRefinancing3-Sep-963-Sep-01First National Bank of Chicago
Pitney Bowes Credit CorpREV1,500.00LIBOR:14.50 bpStandby/CP support26-Sep-9626-Sep-97Citibank NA, Bank of America
CBS IncREV1,500.00.General corporate10-Dec-9910-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA
Edison Mission EnergyREV1,275.00LIBOR:287.50 bpGeneral corporate30-May-0129-May-02Bank of America NA, Citigroup Inc
Delaware Group of FundsREV1,250.00..26-Sep-0025-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA
Conseco IncTL1,223.50LIBOR:275.00 bpAcquisition1-Sep-941-Sep-01Citibank NA, Deutsche Bank AG
Countrywide Home Loans IncREV1,200.00LIBOR:29.50 bpStandby/CP support20-Sep-0019-Sep-01Deutsche Banc Alex Brown, Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Bank of America, Bank of New York
Columbia/HCA Healthcare CorpTL1,200.00LIBOR:175.00 bpDebt repayment13-Mar-0013-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Deutsche Bank AG, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of America
Galaxy InvestorsREV1,164.00LIBOR:150.00 bpSecuritisation5-Sep-004-Sep-01Citicorp, ABN-AMRO Bank NV, Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Dresdner Bank AG
Sempra EnergyREV1,050.00LIBOR:45.00 bp.22-Sep-0021-Sep-01Bank of America
Tosco CorpREV1,000.00LIBOR:75.00 bpGeneral corporate8-Sep-007-Sep-01FleetBoston, Royal Bank of Canada, PNC Bank NA
AIG IncREV1,000.00LIBOR:7.00 bpStandby/CP support, General corporate28-Sep-0027-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Citibank NA, Bank One Corp, Deutsche Bank AG
AXA FinancialREV1,000.00LIBOR:19.00 bp.22-Sep-0021-Sep-01Bank of America
American International Group Inc (AIG)REV1,000.00.Standby/CP support30-Sep-0029-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc (IFF)BF1,000.00LIBOR:88.50 bpAcquisition21-Sep-0021-Mar-01Salomon Smith Barney Inc, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd, First Union Corp
May Department Stores CoREV959.5LIBOR:13.50 bpStandby/CP support, General corporate21-Aug-9721-Sep-01Citibank NA, Fleet National Bank
IBP IncREV950LIBOR:105.00 bp.20-Dec-0020-Sep-01Banc of America Securities LLC, US Bank
PECO Energy CoREV900LIBOR:37.50 bpGeneral corporate15-Sep-0014-Sep-01Bank One Corp, Citibank NA
Campbell Soup CoREV900LIBOR:20.00 bp.28-Sep-0027-Sep-01JP Morgan & Co, Chase Manhattan Bank NA
Atlantic Gas LightREV900LIBOR:75.00 bpLBO / MBO13-Sep-0012-Sep-01SunTrust Banks Inc
York International CorpBF900LIBOR:175.00 bp,Standby/CP support, General corporate30-May-0130-Sep-01Citigroup Inc, JP Morgan, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd, First Union Corp
Southern CoREV850LIBOR:30.00 bp.8-Sep-007-Sep-01Bank of America, Commerzbank AG
Lucent Technologies IncREV773LIBOR:75.00 bpStandby/CP support26-Sep-0026-Sep-01Citibank NA, Deutsche Bank AG, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Placer Dome IncREV750LIBOR:75.00 bpGeneral corporate8-Sep-008-Sep-05Scotia Capital
EW Scripps CoREV700..19-Sep-0018-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA
KeySpan CorpREV700LIBOR:97.50 bp,Working capital30-Oct-0030-Sep-01JP Morgan, Citigroup Inc, European American Bank Ltd
Harley Davidson Funding CorpREV700LIBOR:21.50 bpStandby/CP support20-Sep-0019-Sep-01Bank One Corp, ABN-AMRO Bank NV
Newell CoREV700LIBOR:16.50 bpStandby/CP support, General corporate30-Sep-0029-Sep-01Chase Manhattan Bank NA, Royal Bank of Canada
Boston Properties IncREV605LIBOR:145.00 bp.26-Sep-0025-Sep-01FleetBoston
Thrifty PayLess Inc, TCH Corp, PaylessTL600LIBOR:262.50 bpLBO / MBO17-Mar-9417-Sep-00Union Bank of Switzerland, Citibank NA, Bankers Trust Co
Six Flags Theme Parks IncTL600LIBOR:250.00 bp,Recapitalisation23-Jun-9523-Sep-01Chemical Securities Inc
AON CorpREV600LIBOR:19.00 bpStandby/CP support15-Sep-0014-Sep-01Bank One Corp
Panda Gila River LP, Panda Union Power Partners, El Dorado & Gila River (Grand Slam) Power ProjectTL600LIBOR:87.50 bpProject financing5-Mar-015-Sep-01Citigroup Inc, Societe Generale
Union Pacific Resources Group IncREV600LIBOR:22.50 bp,Refinancing15-Nov-9615-Sep-01Texas Commerce Bank, JP Morgan Securities Inc, Chemical Bank, NationsBank of Texas NA
  • 09 Sep 2001

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1 JPMorgan 163,028.47 711 8.04%
2 Citi 160,005.15 642 7.90%
3 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 132,268.74 528 6.53%
4 Barclays 127,185.71 494 6.28%
5 HSBC 106,407.22 534 5.25%

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3 UniCredit 11,196.47 58 5.73%
4 Citi 9,580.75 37 4.90%
5 Deutsche Bank 8,953.95 35 4.58%

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3 Goldman Sachs 4,404.70 21 8.41%
4 Citi 3,774.39 24 7.21%
5 UBS 3,602.23 16 6.88%