• Crisis Talk — with Sairah Burki, managing director, regulatory policy at CREFC

    Crisis Talk — with Sairah Burki, managing director, regulatory policy at CREFC

    The fallout from the Covid-19 crisis has touched nearly every economic and employment sector, from the largest corporations to the smallest businesses. The pain has prompted an unprecedented policy response aimed at rescuing economies and markets, and further measures are likely to come. US commercial real estate has been especially impacted, with commercial mortgage lending slowing dramatically, already struggling retailers going dark across the country and a likely rethinking of the use of space following a nationwide experiment in working from home.

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  • Hertz to test bankruptcy remoteness of ABS in new crisis

    Hertz’s flirtation with bankruptcy has sparked a debate in the asset-backed securities market over the fate of the company’s rental car ABS trusts. But if Hertz succumbs to the economic ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, various safeguards in its ABS documentation should result in minimal damage to bondholders, reiterating a key strength of securitization in times of crisis.

  • Villain of the last crisis, hero of this one

    Europe’s SMEs are in trouble. The coronavirus pandemic has zeroed revenues and threatens their very existence. They last faced a big threat in the 2008 crisis when bank lending dried up and a recession took hold. Back then, securitization took a lot of the blame as the cause, but this time it offers a route to rescue.

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  • Overall Securitization Deal of the Year – Silverstone 2019-1

    Nationwide’s Silverstone 2019-1 RMBS deal looked like a potential deal-of-the-year almost as soon as it was priced in April last year — not because the collateral was complex, the originator was unknown, or because the deal structure was especially devious, but because of what it meant for the largest part of the European securitization market, UK RMBS.

  • Overall Securitization Bank of the Year – Barclays

    Barclays isn’t the only bank to have made a strategic call to get back and get relevant in the new world of European securitization, but the progress it has made is astonishing, and that’s why the bank is GlobalCapital’s 2019 overall bank of the year for European securitization.