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Following the success of last year’s event in March, GlobalCapital is once again asking for nominations for its European Securitization Awards, acknowledging the achievements made in the last 2020 year.



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  • The days of swift evictions are over after Covid

    Mental health is moving to the forefront in the discussion of what action lenders should take when people are no longer able to pay back their debts. One lasting legacy of the pandemic could be that repossessing a home becomes a last resort rather than a first response and that will have consequences for investors in mortgage-backed products.

  • Divergence on ABS is healthy, just don't touch STS

    As the securitization regimes in the UK and the EU begin to diverge, the changes made so far will do little long-term damage and there are even potential benefits, as long as rule makers on both sides of the English Channel stay true to the 'simple, transparent and standardised' (STS) principle.

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