Financing Record (SEPTEMBER 10 -- SEPTEMBER 17)

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  • 22 Sep 2003
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Debt Issuance since 9/11/2003
 IssuerDatePrinc. Amt. ($ mil)Cpn.Security TypeMaturityPriceYieldBP SpreadMS&PFManager(s)Gross Sprd Fee %Selling Con Fee %Underwriting Fee %Management Fee %
YesAdvanstar Inc 9/11/037010.75Sr Secured Nts 8/15/10101.510.439689B3B-NRCS-FB-CSna   
 BANK ONE Corp,Columbus,Ohio 9/11/03202FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/15/06100Floats Aa3AA+BANKONE-CAPITALna   
YesTom Brown Inc 9/11/032257.25Sr Sub Notes 9/15/131007.25290Ba3BB-NRGS,JPM, BK ONEna   
YesDorada Finance Inc 9/11/03200FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/20/04100Floats AaaAAANRLEHna   
YesEntergy Corp 9/11/031336.13Notes 9/15/081006.13290NRNRNRMORGAN-STANLEYna   
 Huntington Bancshares Inc,OH 9/11/0335FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/15/06100Floats A1A-ACITIGROUPna   
YesLiberty Lighthouse Capital 9/11/03125FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/16/0499.95Floats AaaAAANRCS-FB-CSna   
 MGM Mirage 9/11/036006Gtd Sen Sec Nts 10/1/091006250Ba1BB+BB+BAS,CITI,DBna   
YesMetlife Global Funding Inc 9/11/033005.2Notes 9/18/1399.7225.23690Aa2AANRCSFB,JPM0.450.30.0750.075
 Petrobras 9/11/032509.125Global Notes 7/2/13103.078.654 Ba2NRNRBEARna   
YesStanfield Victoria Finance Ltd 9/11/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/15/04MarketFloats AaaAAANRMERRILLMarket   
YesWhite Pine Finance LLC 9/11/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/15/04100Floats AaaAAANRMERRILLna   
YesDobson Communications Corp 9/12/036508.875Senior Notes 10/1/131008.875459B3CCCNRLEHM,MSna   
YesDorada Finance Inc 9/12/0366FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/19/05100Floats AaaAAANRBNP-PARIBASna   
YesInnova S De Rl 9/12/033009.375Notes 9/19/131009.375516B2B+NRCITI,JPMna   
 Liberty Media Corp 9/12/03 1,350.003.5Notes 9/25/0699.7643.583148Baa3BBB-NRMERRILLna   
 Merrill Lynch & Co Inc 9/12/03500FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/18/06100Floats Aa3A+AA-ML,BNP, SANTANDna   
YesPathmark Stores Inc 9/12/031008.75Sr Sub Notes 2/1/1299.0838.908419B2BNRJPMna   
YesQuintiles Transnational Corp 9/12/0345010Sr Sub Notes 10/1/1310010579B3BNRCITIGROUPna   
YesBuckeye Technologies Inc 9/15/032008.5Senior Notes 10/1/131008.5423B3B+NRCITI,UBSna   
 Campbell Soup Co 9/15/033004.875Notes 10/1/1399.4024.95168A3ANRBAR CAP,JPM,UBSna   
 Cox Communications Inc 9/15/035005.5Notes 10/1/1599.2955.581131Baa2BBBBBBBAS,JPMna   
 Cox Communications Inc 9/15/032503.875Notes 10/1/0899.5343.97885Baa2BBBBBBBAS,JPMna   
YesPerry Ellis International Inc 9/15/031508.875Sr Sub Notes 9/15/131008.875463B3B-NRWACH,MLna   
 Johnson Controls Inc 9/15/033004.875Notes 9/15/1399.4934.9470A2ANRBAS,JPMna   
 Johnson Controls Inc 9/15/03200FloatsFloat Rate Nts 9/15/05100Floats A2AABAS,JPMna   
 Vodafone Group PLC 9/15/03 1,000.005Global Notes 12/16/1399.5285.0680A2AACITI,HSBCna   
 BP Capital plc 9/16/035002.625Global Notes 3/23/0799.6542.72960Aa1AA+NRABN, LEHMna   
 CIT Group Inc 9/16/03200FloatsFloat Rate Nts 9/22/06100Floats A2AABNP,GSna   
 CIT Group Inc 9/16/033002.875Notes 9/29/0699.8362.93280A2AABNP,GSna   
 Ford Motor Credit Co 9/16/03 2,000.007Global Notes 10/1/1399.4797.073280A3BBBBBB+BAS,MS,UBSna   
 Ford Motor Credit Co 9/16/03 1,000.005.625Global Notes 10/1/0899.6275.711260A3BBBBBB+BAS,MS,UBSna   
YesJohn Hancock Global Funding II 9/16/03505Medium-Term Nts 9/30/1399.065.12183Aa3AAAALEHna   
YesHuntsman International LLC 9/16/0338011.625Senior Notes 10/15/1099.81511.664819B2BNRCSFB,JPMna   
 South Jersey Gas Co 9/16/0314.55.027Medium-Term Nts 9/30/131005.02774Baa2BBB+AAAWACHOVIA-SECna   
 American Express Credit 9/17/03500FloatsFloat Rate Nts 9/19/06100Floats Aa3A+A+JPM,WACHna   
 BP Capital plc 9/17/03500FloatsGlobal Notes 10/15/04100Floats Aa1AA+NRLEHM, ABN-AMROna   
YesBroder Brothers Co 9/17/0317511.25Senior Notes 10/15/1010011.25729B3B-NRUBS, BANK ONEna   
 Cabot Corp 9/17/031755.25Notes 9/1/1399.4255.325110NRNRNRLEHna   
YesCentauri Corp 9/17/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 10/8/04100Floats AaaAAANRMERRILLna   
YesCentauri Corp 9/17/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 10/12/04100Floats AaaAAANRMERRILLna   
 General Mills Inc 9/17/035002.625Notes 10/24/0699.8012.69364Baa2A-BBB+CSFB, UBSna   
YesK2 Inc 9/17/0350FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/28/05100Floats AaaNRNRMERRILLna   
 Nextel Communications Inc 9/17/03 1,000.007.375Senior Notes 8/1/151017.248 B2B+BB-BS,MSna   
 SLM Corp 9/17/03750FloatsFloat Rate Nts 9/15/06100Floats A2AA+BAS,CITI,MSna   
 SLM Corp 9/17/03 1,250.005Notes 10/1/1399.2535.09693A2AA+BAS,CITI,MSna   
YesSigma Finance Inc 9/17/03230FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/22/04100Floats AaaAAANRMERRILLna   
YesState Street Bank & Trust Co 9/17/034005.25Sub Bank Notes 10/15/1899.6465.28412Aa3AA-AALEHM,MLna   
 Toys `R' Us Inc 9/17/034007.375Notes 10/15/1899.5517.425325Baa3BBB-BB+CITI, WACHna   

  • 22 Sep 2003

All International Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Citi 29,036.25 83 9.38%
2 JPMorgan 26,957.68 80 8.71%
3 Barclays 19,404.68 52 6.27%
4 BNP Paribas 19,264.87 42 6.22%
5 HSBC 19,097.04 63 6.17%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 9,498.80 2 86.56%
2 Swedbank 160.81 1 1.47%
2 Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group 160.81 1 1.47%
2 SEB 160.81 1 1.47%
2 Nordea 160.81 1 1.47%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 ING 220.22 2 13.96%
1 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 220.22 2 13.96%
1 ABN AMRO Bank 220.22 2 13.96%
4 Barclays 129.04 1 8.18%
5 Morgan Stanley 114.77 1 7.28%