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ISDA Postpones Credit Definitions Start Date

04 May 2003

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association has postponed the date for firms to start using the 2003 credit derivatives definitions. No date has been set, but ISDA will give its members at least 10 business days before implementation, according to Louise Marshall, policy director in New York.

The definitions were set to go live on May 6, after a previous postponement from March, but are being held up by a supplement about guarantees. The original delay was for operations staff to set up their systems for the new documents.

Traders said the delay is not a major issue, as they can continue to use the 1999 definitions. One drawback, however, is products based on the 2003 documents will have to be put on the shelf. Lee McGinty, researcher for global credit-default swap indices at JPMorgan in London, said the firm is delaying the start date for its new credit derivatives indices, know as TRACX, until the definitions are finalized.

04 May 2003