• Bankers brave multiple risks (for a drink)

    The response of people to the coronavirus has been nothing short of inspiring. Not least bankers' creative solutions to carry on drinking. Taipan considers the best —and worst — options.

  • Planes, trains and awful golf swings

    Sometimes one gets a stark reminder that there are different levels of wealth. This realisation struck a good friend of mine recently, with terrifying implications.

  • Next year’s holiday plan: a vaccine tour

    Can we just forget 2020 ever happened? Perhaps we should get our vaccines first. An entrepreneurial travel company is offering to help those of us at the back of the queue.

  • Covid ruins dance clubs, DCM shindigs

    In Hong Kong, it seems it only takes one septuagenarian ballroom dancer to cause a massive spike in coronavirus cases. But funding officials can be almost as dangerous.

  • The wrong sort of liquidity

    Spare a thought for a young loans banker who recently told Taipan about his newfound freedom. I was drinking in Solas when the chap walked in on his own and ordered a Brooklyn Lager. Since we were the only two occupying the bar’s outside seating, we naturally started talking.

  • US result is a champagne moment, but who for?

    Few readers of this column will have been able to avoid the temptation this week to continually hit refresh, hoping for a morsel of news on the US election. Whether you’re red, blue or polka-dot, the zig and zag of the election results has been compelling theatre.

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