• Banks training descends to new lows

    Bankers are famous gossips. They like nothing more than talking about the revolving door of job moves in the industry, the embarrassing slip-ups rivals have made with clients or the scandals that can result when alcohol and the capital markets collide. But although the rumour mill ensures bankers know plenty about other firms, they don’t always know what’s going on at their own.

  • A banker’s summer scarlet letter

    It can occasionally be tempting for a young banker to pull a sickie to spend a day with friends. But sick days are best spent under the cover of darkness — not in the searing sun.

  • Mixed blessings of working from home

    The Covid-19 coronavirus has thrown up many challenges for bankers forced to work from home. But perhaps none is tougher than trying their very best to pretend they’re getting anything done.

  • Now is a good time to dump old friends

    Social distancing, wearing masks in public, bars and restaurants shutting down en masse: the coronavirus is a gift to those trying to avoid people.

  • Chinese SOE employees face tax rise

    American expats have long looked at their low-tax paying peers with envy. While Englishmen, Frenchmen and others in Hong Kong have enjoyed a 17% maximum tax rate, those born in the US are also forced to pay taxes in their country of birth, even if they’ve been absent for decades.

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