• When bankers succumb to work from home

    I have used Covid-19 as an excuse to avoid some unwanted social occasions over the last year or so, but a friend of mind has taken his Covid isolation to a new level.

  • Hong Kong: Give shots to get shots

    Countries around the world are announcing all kinds of incentives to encourage people to get vaccinated. But access to alcohol may offer the most appeal.

  • Banking is a dog-eat-dog world

    Over the last year or so, my furry companion has become my co-worker, supervisor and live-in best friend. But he still doesn't have security clearance.

  • How to jazz up a lockdown

    How to jazz up a lockdown

    Hong Kong was once renowned for its nightlife, but Covid-19 and its restrictions have killed the legendary carousing in SoHo and partying in the infamous establishments of Wan Chai.

  • The sinking of expat dreams

    Hong Kong's heat levels have hit 30 degrees Celsius recently — meaning it's time for junk boat season.

  • Social loans? What about social life?

    I was talking to a few loans bankers this week and was surprised when they revealed privately that they had very little interest in social loans. That gave me an idea.

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