Maturing Money Deal Roll-off Chart

  • 08 Jul 2001
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The Deal Roll-off Chart, provided by Capital DATA Loanware, lists the 50 largest leveraged credit facilities in the U.S. market that are due to mature in the coming month. It is designed to provide a look at potentially available money in the market as credits are renewed or retired.

Borrower Full NameAmount US$Ins typeArrangersMarginLoan PurposeMaturity DateSigning date
Waste Management Inc 3,000.00RTBBOSTON, DB, BAMER, CMBNALIBOR:187.50 bp, LCCOMM:187.50 bpREF 15-Jul-01 15-Dec-99
Williams Companies Inc 1,700.00REVCITINA, CMBNA, COMERZ, CLLIBOR:200.00 bpGEN 24-Jul-01 25-Jul-00
Meditrust Corp 1,000.00REVJPMSI, BTABI, FBNA, BBOSTONLIBOR:175.00 bp, US-PRIME:100.00 bpREF,ACQ 15-Jul-01 15-Jul-98
Allied Waste Industries Inc 1,000.00TLCMBNA, SBARNEY, DLJCF, CSFBLIBOR:250.00 bp, US-PRIME:150.00 bpLBO,WCA 21-Jul-01 21-Jul-99
Rite Aid Corp 1,000.00REVJPMSILIBOR:275.00 bpACQ,SBY 22-Jul-01 22-Jul-96
FelCor Suite Hotels Inc850REVCSI, BTABI, NB, WFBNALIBOR:150.00 bp, US-PRIME:0.00 bp, US-PRIME:REF,PTY 1-Jul-01 1-Jul-98
Highwoods Properties Inc600REVWFBNA, FUNB, NBLIBOR:180.00 bp, US-PRIME:55.00 bp, 50.00 bp, LCCOMM:180.00 bpREP 3-Jul-01 3-Jul-98
Service Merchandise Co Inc600REVSBARNEY, BBRFILIBOR:275.00 bp, US-PRIME:150.00 bp, LCCOMM:225.00 bpGEN 20-Jul-01 20-Jan-99
Meditrust Corp500TLJPMSI, BTABI, FBNA, BBOSTONLIBOR:175.00 bp, US-PRIME:50.00 bpREF,ACQ 15-Jul-01 15-Jul-98
Rouse Co450REVFCNBD, BTABI, JPMSILIBOR:132.50 bpREF,ACQ 29-Jul-01 29-Jul-98
Enterprise Products Partners LP300REVCMBNA, BNS, BOCORPLIBOR:150.00 bpACQ 28-Jul-01 28-Jul-99
Sotheby's Inc300REVCMBNALIBOR:200.00 bp, US-PRIME:100.00 bpREF 10-Jul-01 10-Mar-00
Tesoro Petroleum Corp300REVFCNBD, LEHMAN, PARIB, BNSLIBOR:187.50 bp, US-PRIME:37.50 bpACQ,REF 2-Jul-01 2-Jul-98
Enterprise Products Operating LP300REVCMBNA, BOCORP, BNSLIBOR:150.00 bp, US-PRIME:50.00 bpREP,WCA 28-Jul-01 28-Jul-99
Eagle Funding Capital Corp255CRFFBFLIBOR:300.00 bpGEN 24-Jul-01 25-Jul-00
Irvine Apartment Communities LP250REVBAMER, JPMSI, WFBNALIBOR:125.00 bp, US-PRIME:50.00 bp, LCCOMM:125.00 bpREF 10-Jul-01 10-Jul-98
Collins & Aikman Products Co250REVCHEMBKLIBOR:175.00 bp, US-PRIME:75.00 bpREF 3-Jul-01 3-Jun-96
Thermadyne Holdings Corp250REVBTCO, BNYLIBOR:200.00 bp, US-PRIME:100.00 bpREF 11-Jul-01 11-Jul-96
Continental Micronesia Inc180TLGS, BTCOLIBOR:175.00 bpREF 31-Jul-01 31-Jul-96
Plains Midstream Subsidiaries175REVBBOSTON, INGLIBOR:375.00 bp, US-PRIME:200.00 bpREF 23-Jul-01 23-Nov-98
Levitz Furniture Corp150TLBTCCLIBOR:325.00 bp  1-Jul-01 1-Jul-96
Service Merchandise Co Inc150TLSBARNEY, BBRFILIBOR:275.00 bp, US-PRIME:150.00 bpGEN 20-Jul-01 20-Jan-99
RCPI Trust Inc140REVBAMERLIBOR:250.00 bpGEN 3-Jul-01 3-Jan-01
Kasper ASL Ltd135REVCMBNALIBOR:250.00 bp, US-PRIME:50.00 bp, LCCOMM:300.00 bpREF,AQL 9-Jul-01 9-Jul-99
Silgan Corp125TLBTCO, BAMERLIBOR:300.00 bpREF 12-Jul-01 12-Jul-96
Pamida Holdings Corp125REVCONGRLIBOR:225.00 bp, US-PRIME:25.00 bpREF 2-Jul-01 2-Jul-98
CenCall Communications Corp, CenCall Inc115RTCMBNAUS-PRIME:200.00 bp, LIBOR:350.00 bpREF 13-Jul-01 13-Jan-94
American Residential Services Inc115REVNBLIBOR:275.00 bp, US-PRIME:75.00 bpAQL,REF 2-Jul-01 2-Jul-98
Third Horizon Group Ltd108.205TLNOMACCLIBOR:190.00 bpGEN 15-Jul-01 15-Jun-98
InterCoast Energy Co100REVFNBCLIBOR:150.00 bpREF,ACQ 15-Jul-01 15-Jul-96
Transworld Home Healthcare Inc100REVBTCOLIBOR:200.00 bp, LCCOMM:200.00 bpREF,ACQ 31-Jul-01 31-Jul-96
DESA International Inc100TLBTCOLIBOR:250.00 bpREF 31-Jul-01 31-Jan-96
CellStar Corp100REVCMBNA, BOCORPLIBOR:275.00 bp, US-PRIME:125.00 bpGEN 13-Jul-01 13-Jul-99
Clayton Williams Energy Inc100REVONELIBOR:175.00 bp, US-PRIME:37.50 bp, LCCOMM:150.00 bpREF 16-Jul-01 16-Jul-98
Safety-Kleen Inc100REVTDTI, CITGPLIBOR:300.00 bp, US-PRIME:100.00 bpDIP 18-Jul-01 19-Jul-00
Schuler Homes Inc90REVFHB, BAMERLIBOR:150.00 bp, US-PRIME:0.00 bp, LCCOMM:125.00 bpREF 30-Jul-01 30-Sep-98
Innovative Valve Technologies Inc (Invatec)90REVCBTEXLIBOR:275.00 bp, US-PRIME:100.00 bp, LCCOMM:275.00 bpAQL,REF 7-Jul-01 7-Jul-98
Spinnaker Exploration Co75REVTDSI, CSFBLIBOR:325.00 bpREF,GEN 19-Jul-01 20-Jul-00
Westcor Realty LP70REVBOCORPLIBOR:175.00 bpWCA 16-Jul-01 16-Jul-99
Paxson Communications Television Inc70TLBPBASLIBOR:275.00 bpACQ,REF 1-Jul-01 1-Jul-94
Chelsea GCA Realty Inc70RTFNBBLIBOR:225.00 bp from 1 yr to 5 yrs , 250.00 bp from 6 yrs , US-PRIME:100.00 bp from 1 yr to 5 yrs , 125.00 bp from 6 yrs  15-Jul-01 15-Jul-94
Resource Bancshares Mortgage Group Inc70RTBNYLIBOR:200.00 bp, US-PRIME:87.50 bpREF 31-Jul-01 31-Jul-96
Arvida/JMB Partners LP67.8TLFUNB, BUTLIBOR:175.00 bpREF 1-Jul-01 1-Sep-98
DESA International Inc65REVBTCOLIBOR:250.00 bpREF 31-Jul-01 31-Jan-96
INSOUTH Funding60REVBOCORPLIBOR:175.00 bpWCA 30-Jul-01 31-Jul-00
Paxson Communications Television Inc60RTBPBASLIBOR:275.00 bpACQ 1-Jul-01 1-Jul-94
K Hovnanian Mortgage Inc60REVBOCORPLIBOR:125.00 bpWCA 26-Jul-01 27-Jul-00
Multi-Local Media Corp60TLMERRILL, FBNALIBOR:275.00 bpACQ 12-Jul-01 12-Jul-96
PSC Acquisition Inc55TLFBNA, MTTCLIBOR:275.00 bpACQ 12-Jul-01 12-Jul-96
Total 15,986.01      

  • 08 Jul 2001

All International Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
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1 JPMorgan 96,638.56 376 8.27%
2 Citi 92,984.41 337 7.96%
3 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 77,638.40 289 6.65%
4 Barclays 76,858.25 273 6.58%
5 HSBC 63,992.87 304 5.48%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
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1 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 7,875.16 13 10.85%
2 Deutsche Bank 4,933.13 11 6.79%
3 Commerzbank Group 4,230.90 17 5.83%
4 BNP Paribas 4,102.69 19 5.65%
5 Citi 3,183.28 8 4.38%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
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1 Morgan Stanley 1,912.04 11 11.53%
2 Citi 1,426.07 7 8.60%
3 JPMorgan 1,371.27 7 8.27%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 1,345.53 6 8.12%
5 UBS 1,083.08 5 6.53%