Maturing Money Deal Roll-off chart

  • 16 Dec 2001
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The Deal Roll-off Chart, provided by Capital DATA Loanware, lists the 50 largest leveraged credit facilities in the U.S. market that are due to mature in the coming month. It is designed to provide a look at potentially available money in the market as credits are renewed or retired.


Borrower Full NameUS$ equiv AmtTypeArranger/Co-arrangerMarginLoan PurposeSigning DateMaturityDate
Aetna US Healthcare Inc1,500.00BFMGTCO, DBAB, CITINA, BOCORPLIBOR:62.50 bp, US-PRIME:150.00 bpSPNDec-00Dec-01
Adelphia Communications Corp1,300.00BFCITIGR, BAOSLIBOR:275.00 bpGEN15-Jan-0115-Dec-01
FedEx Corp750REVCMBNA, COMERZ, BAMERLIBOR:115.00 bpACQ29-Dec-0029-Dec-01
Journal Co Inc, Journal News Inc500TLCMBNALIBOR:237.50 bp.19-Dec-9419-Dec-01
Aetna US Healthcare Inc500REVMGTCO, DBAB, CITINA, BOCORPLIBOR:62.50 bp, US-PRIME:150.00 bpSPNDec-00Dec-01
Fruit of the Loom Inc475REVBAMERLIBOR:250.00 bp, US-PRIME:250.00 bp, LCCOMM:200.00 bpDIP29-Dec-9929-Dec-01
First Energy Corp450REVSBARNEY, BARCLAY, UBCLIBOR:187.50 bpGEN4-Dec-004-Dec-01
Van Kampen Merritt Companies Inc (VKM)360TLCHEMBK, CMBNALIBOR:150.00 bpACQ20-Dec-9420-Dec-01
Fruit of the Loom Inc350REVBAMERLIBOR:250.00 bp.14-Oct-0014-Dec-01
Leviathan Gas Pipeline Partners LP350REVCMBNA, INGUCCLIBOR:150.00 bp, US-PRIME:0.00 bp, LCCOMM:150.00 bpREF13-Dec-9813-Dec-01
Polaroid Corp350REVJPMSILIBOR:252.50 bp, US-PRIME:152.50 bpWCA11-Dec-9811-Dec-01
National Gypsum Co325TLFUNBNC, NBNCLIBOR:225.00 bp, US-PRIME:100.00 bpACQ28-Jun-9528-Dec-01
SD Warren Co Inc305TLCHEMBKLIBOR:250.00 bpLBO16-Dec-9416-Dec-01
Quality King Distributors Inc300REVMELLONLIBOR:150.00 bpREFDec-96Dec-01
Finlay Fine Jewelry Corp275REVGECAPCO, CMBNA, SACHSCPLIBOR:150.00 bpREF24-Apr-9824-Dec-01
Crescent Real Estate Equities Co260TLBBOSTON, NB-SILIBOR:325.00 bpACQ30-Dec-9830-Dec-01
UCAR International Inc250REVCMBNALIBOR:275.00 bp, US-PRIME:175.00 bpREF10-Nov-9810-Dec-01
Thomasville Furniture Industries Inc250TLBTCO, CL, NBLIBOR:212.50 bp, US-PRIME:125.00 bpACQ29-Dec-9529-Dec-01
Claircom Communications Inc250RTBARCBL, TORDOMLIBOR:300.00 bp.7-Jun-947-Dec-01
Genesis Health Ventures Inc250REVMELLON, FUC, GSUS-PRIME:225.00 bp, LIBOR:375.00 bp, LCCOMM:200.00 bpDIP,WCA22-Jun-0022-Dec-01
Borgata Co, Marina District Finance Co250TLCIBC, DB, FLEET, BAMERLIBOR:450.00 bp.1-Dec-001-Dec-01
Designer Holdings Ltd230REVCITGPLIBOR:175.00 bp, US-PRIME:0.00 bp.Dec-96Dec-01
Barnes & Noble College Bookstores Inc225REVCMBNALIBOR:150.00 bp.8-Dec-008-Dec-01
Simpson Housing LP225REVKEYBK, BOCORPLIBOR:150.00 bpGENDec-99Dec-01
Pathmark Stores Inc225TLCMBNALIBOR:250.00 bp, US-PRIME:150.00 bpREF30-Jun-9730-Dec-01
UCAR International Inc219.532LCCMBNALIBOR:275.00 bp, US-PRIME:175.00 bpREF10-Nov-9810-Dec-01
Prime Hospitality Corp200REVSG, DB, CLLIBOR:200.00 bpACQ,WCA5-Apr-0017-Dec-01
Comfort Systems USA Inc200REVBOTEX, BTCO, BAMERLIBOR:300.00 bp, US-PRIME:175.00 bp, LCCOMM:250.00 bpREF,AQL14-Dec-9814-Dec-01
Just For Feet Inc200REVBAMER, COMPBKLIBOR:150.00 bp.10-Dec-9810-Dec-01
Just For Feet Inc200REVBAMER, COMPBKLIBOR:150.00 bp, US-PRIME:0.00 bp.10-Dec-9810-Dec-01
Temple Inland Capital190REVBOCORP, BAMERLIBOR:125.00 bpREFDec-98Dec-01
Thomasville Furniture Industries Inc180REVBTCO, CL, NBLIBOR:212.50 bp, US-PRIME:125.00 bpACQ29-Dec-9529-Dec-01
Catholic Healthcare West Inc175REVBAMERLIBOR:150.00 bp.7-Dec-007-Dec-01
Victoria Partners Inc175REVBAMERLIBOR:212.50 bp from , US-PRIME:112.50 bp.21-Dec-9421-Dec-01
Ziff-Davis Communications165TLCHEMBKLIBOR:300.00 bpACQDec-94Dec-01
CB Commercial Real Estate Group Inc152TLSUMBKLIBOR:250.00 bp, US-PRIME:150.00 bpREFNov-96Dec-01
Tultex Corp150REVBACORPUS-PRIME:175.00 bp, LIBOR:375.00 bpREF,DIP3-Dec-993-Dec-01
Fruit of the Loom Inc150TLBAMERLIBOR:250.00 bp.14-Oct-0014-Dec-01
Anicom Inc150REVBOCORP, HARRISLIBOR:200.00 bpGENDec-99Dec-01
Beasley Mezzanine Holdings LLC150TLBMONT, FLEET, BAMER, BNYLIBOR:250.00 bp, US-PRIME:125.00 bpAQL,REP31-Aug-0031-Dec-01
Koger Equity Inc150REVFUNB, AMSOLIBOR:160.00 bpREF30-Dec-9830-Dec-01
Fruit of the Loom Inc150TLBAMERLIBOR:250.00 bp, US-PRIME:250.00 bp, 200.00 bpDIP29-Dec-9929-Dec-01
Mississippi Chemical Corp149.5REVHTSBUS-PRIME:25.00 bp, LIBOR:100.00 bpREF23-Dec-9623-Dec-01
Malrite Communications Group Inc147.5CRFBNYLIBOR:262.50 bpACQ15-Dec-9415-Dec-01
Dade International Inc135TLBTCOLIBOR:250.00 bpREF30-Apr-9730-Dec-01
The Finance Co (TFC)130REVGECAPCOLIBOR:350.00 bp from 1 mth to 4 mths , 400.00 bp from 5 mths to 9 mthsREF,WCA31-Mar-0131-Dec-01
Capstone Pharmacy Services Inc125REVBTCOLIBOR:150.00 bp, US-PRIME:50.00 bpREP,WCA6-Dec-966-Dec-01
Industrial Distribution Group125REVFCNBDLIBOR:250.00 bp, US-PRIME:150.00 bpAQL,REF1-Dec-981-Dec-01
Woodward Marketing LLC125REVBAMERLIBOR:250.00 bp.22-Dec-0022-Dec-01
Brylane LP125REVJPMSI, MERRILLLIBOR:200.00 bpACQ9-Dec-969-Dec-01
  • 16 Dec 2001

All International Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Citi 60,274.44 194 8.13%
2 JPMorgan 59,428.00 214 8.02%
3 Barclays 51,688.09 168 6.97%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 42,506.65 151 5.74%
5 HSBC 40,145.65 182 5.42%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 6,160.68 5 15.90%
2 Deutsche Bank 3,400.72 4 8.77%
3 Commerzbank Group 2,532.05 5 6.53%
4 Citi 2,513.95 6 6.49%
5 BNP Paribas 1,742.18 7 4.49%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 UBS 998.25 3 13.32%
2 Citi 693.55 2 9.26%
3 Morgan Stanley 572.72 3 7.64%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 509.34 3 6.80%
5 Jefferies LLC 409.89 4 5.47%