Financing Record (MAY 28 -- JUNE 3)

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  • 09 Jun 2003
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Debt Issuance since 5/29/2003
 IssuerDatePrinc. Amt. ($ Mln)CpnSecurity TypeMaturityOffer PriceYieldBP SprdMS&PFManager(s)Gross Sprd Fee%Sell Con Fee%Underwriting Fee%Mgmt. Fee%
 AutoZone Inc 5/29/032004.375Notes 6/1/1399.174.479113Baa2BBB+NRCITIGROUPna   
YesCrum & Forster Hldgs 5/29/0330010.375Senior Notes 6/15/1396.98510.876749B1BBBBB-JPM, BAS, RBCna   
YesHBOS Treasury Services Plc 5/29/03 2,500.00FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/24/04100Floats Aa2AANRMORGAN-STANLEY0.07 Comb.Comb.
YesInternational Wire Group Inc 5/29/038210.375Sr Secured Nts 2/28/0596.06112.9581172NRNRNRCS-FBna   
 Kellogg Co 5/29/035002.875Global Notes 6/1/0899.9682.88263Baa2NRBBBBAS, BAR CAP, DB0.35 Comb.Comb.
YesLamar Media Corp 5/29/031257.25Senior Notes 1/1/13103.6616.725333Ba3BNRJPMna   
 Landesbank Baden-Wuert-NY 5/29/03100FloatsFlt Rte CDs 11/29/04100Floats AaaAAAAAAJPMna   
 National City Bank,Indiana 5/29/03150FloatsFlt Rate Bk Nts 11/30/04100Floats Aa3A+AA-JPMna   
 National City Bank,Indiana 5/29/03500FloatsFlt Rate Bk Nts 11/30/04100Floats Aa3A+AA-JPMna   
 Northeast Utilities 5/29/031503.3Notes 6/1/0899.7673.351105Baa1BBBBBBMORGAN-STANLEY0.6 Comb.Comb.
 Ryland Group Inc 5/29/031505.375Senior Notes 6/1/081005.375311Ba1BB+BB+UBS-WARBURGna   
 Barclays Bank of New York 5/30/03410FloatsFR MT Bank Nts 12/3/04100Floats Aa1AANRWACHOVIA-SECna   
 Citigroup Global Markets 5/30/03300FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/6/06100Floats Aa1AA-AA+CITIGROUPna   
 Citigroup Global Markets 5/30/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/6/06100Floats Aa1AA-AA+CITIGROUPna   
 Citigroup Global Markets 5/30/03300FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/6/05100Floats Aa1AA-AA+CITIGROUPna   
 Sara Lee Corp 5/30/032001.95Notes 6/15/0699.9651.96238A3A+ABK ONE, CITIna   
 Sara Lee Corp 5/30/035003.875Notes 6/15/1398.3184.08172A3A+ABK ONE, CITIna   
 Sara Lee Corp 5/30/033002.75Notes 6/15/0899.6552.82452A3A+ABK ONE, CITIna   
YesTexas Industries Inc 5/30/0360010.25Senior Notes 6/15/1110010.25721B1BB-NRBAS, UBSWna   
YesTriton PCS Inc 5/30/037258.5Senior Notes 6/1/131008.5514B2B-NRLEHM, CITI, MLna   
 Valero Energy Corp 5/30/033004.75Notes 6/15/1399.584.803142Baa3BBBNRBAR CAP, JPM, MS0.65 Comb.Comb.
YesBurns Philp & Co Ltd 6/2/031009.5Senior Notes 11/15/101009.5665NRNRNRCS-FB2.5 Comb.Comb.
 Credit Agricole (New York) 6/2/033001.25CDs 6/4/041001.25-11Aa2AAAA+MERRILLna   
 General Electric Capital Corp 6/2/035003.25Medium-Term Nts 6/15/0999.753.29695AaaAAANRMERRILL0.35 Comb.Comb.
 MBNA Corp 6/2/033005Global Notes 6/15/1599.0745.104167Baa2BBBBBB+BAR CAP, JPM, MS0.675 Comb.Comb.
YesMBIA Global Funding LLC 6/2/031504.65Notes 7/1/1899.5464.692125Aa2AANRGSna   
 Praxair Inc 6/2/033002.75Notes 6/15/0899.5712.84250A3A-NRCITI, ML0.60.350.1250.125
YesSequa Corp 6/2/031008.875Senior Notes 4/1/08102.58.236589B1BBBB-BEARna   
YesSigma Finance Inc 6/2/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/15/04100Floats AaaAAAAAALEHna   
 Toyota Motor Credit Corp 6/2/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/5/06100Floats Aa1AAANRMERRILLna   
 Union Pacific Corp 6/2/032005.375Notes 6/1/3399.1335.434100Baa3BBBNRCITI, CSFB, ML0.8750.50.20.175
 Union Pacific Corp 6/2/033003.625Notes 6/1/1099.3113.73888Baa3BBBNRCITI, CSFB, ML0.6250.3750.1250.125
 Verizon Global Funding Corp 6/2/035004.375Global Notes 6/1/1398.5534.557110A2A+NRBAS, CITI, JPMna   
YesBottling Group LLC 6/3/032504.125Notes 6/15/1599.7844.14880A3A-NRJPM LEHna   
YesDayton Superior Corp 6/3/0316510.75Second Sec Nts 9/15/0898.08811.24903B3B+NRMS, DBna   
YesGreenPoint Financial Corp,NY 6/3/033503.2Notes 6/6/0899.8533.23294Baa1BBB-BBBLEHna   
 Key Bank USA NA,Cleveland,Ohio 6/3/031004.625Notes 6/15/1899.44.681135A2A-ACS-FB0.750.450.150.15
 Merrill Lynch & Co Inc 6/3/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/6/06100Floats Aa3AA-AAMERRILLna   
YesSigma Finance Inc 6/3/0350FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/9/04100Floats AaaAAAAAALEHna   
YesSigma Finance Inc 6/3/03400FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/16/04100Floats AaaAAAAAAJPMna   
YesSigma Finance Inc 6/3/03167FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 6/7/04100Floats AaaAAAAAAMERRILLna   
 Textron Financial Corp 6/3/033002.75Global Notes 6/1/0699.6312.88140A3A-A-CSFB, BK ONE0.450.30.0750.075
 Wells Fargo Bank NA 6/3/03500FloatsFlt Rate Bk Nts 6/7/04100Floats Aa1AA-AAGSna   
YesEntergy Arkansas Inc(Entergy) 6/4/031005.9Fst Mtg Bonds 6/1/3399.6815.923155Baa2BBB+BBB+BNY CAP, JPMna   
YesEsterline Technologies Corp 6/4/031757.75Sr Sub Notes 6/15/131007.75444B1B+NRWACHOVIA-SECna   
YesSuncorp-Metway Ltd 6/4/03150VariesStep-Up Bonds 6/15/1399.79Varies135A3BBB+NRJPMna   
YesSuncorp-Metway Ltd 6/4/031004.625Notes 6/15/1399.734.659135A3BBB+AJPMna   
 Target Corp 6/4/035004Global Notes 6/15/1399.6324.04575A2A+ABAS, CITI, GSna   
 Wells Fargo & Co,California 6/4/03 2,500.00FloatsGlobal FRNs 6/12/06100Floats Aa2A+AACITI, MSna   
YesHouston Exploration Co 6/5/031757Sr Sub Notes 6/15/131007368B2B+NRWACHOVIA-SECna   

  • 09 Jun 2003

All International Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Citi 417,761.51 1606 9.02%
2 JPMorgan 380,362.89 1737 8.21%
3 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 364,928.71 1322 7.88%
4 Goldman Sachs 269,252.76 932 5.81%
5 Barclays 267,252.43 1082 5.77%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 HSBC 45,449.36 196 6.56%
2 BNP Paribas 38,734.80 217 5.59%
3 Deutsche Bank 37,615.10 139 5.43%
4 JPMorgan 34,724.19 118 5.01%
5 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 33,835.53 112 4.88%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 JPMorgan 22,475.46 105 8.65%
2 Morgan Stanley 19,057.00 101 7.34%
3 Citi 17,812.08 111 6.86%
4 UBS 17,693.89 71 6.81%
5 Goldman Sachs 17,333.10 99 6.67%