Financing Record (September 24 - October 1)

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  • 06 Oct 2003
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Debt Issuance since 9/25/2003
 IssuerIssue DatePrinc. Amt. ($ mil)Coupon (%)Security TypeMaturityOffer PriceYieldBP SprdMS&PFManager(s)Gross Sprd Fee %Sell Con. Fee%Underwriting Fee %Mgmt. Fee%
 Caterpillar Financial Services 9/25/031502.5Medium-Term Nts 10/3/0699.8022.56950A2AA+CITI,MLna   
 National City Bank Cleveland 9/25/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/30/05100Floats A3A+NRBANKONE-CAPITALna   
 Nike Inc 9/25/03504.7Medium-Term Nts 10/1/131004.756A1A+NRMERRILLna   
YesNorthern States Power 9/25/031505.25Fst Mtg Bonds 10/1/1899.4265.306120A3BBB+NRGS, BK NYna   
YesTango Finance Ltd 9/25/0382FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/27/04100Floats NRAAANRMORGAN-STANLEYna   
 US Bank NA,Minneapolis,MN 9/25/03350FloatsFlt Rate Bk Nts 9/30/05100Floats Aa2A-NRJPMna   
 US Bank NA,Minneapolis,MN 9/25/03100FloatsFR MT Bank Nts 3/30/05100Floats A2A-NRBANKONE-CAPITALna   
 Wal-Mart Stores Inc 9/25/03 1,000.003.375Notes 10/1/0899.6623.44942Aa2AAAACSFB,JPM0.350.075Comb.Comb.
 Western Massachusetts Electric 9/25/03555Notes 9/1/1399.4025.07797A3BBB+NRBARCLAYS-CAP0.65 Comb.Comb.
 American General Finance Corp 9/26/0350FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 1/6/06100Floats A1A+NRBANKONE-CAPITALna   
 AIG 9/26/03150FloatsFR MT Bank Nts 10/6/06100Floats A1A+NRMORGAN-STANLEYna   
YesBeta Finance Inc(Beta Finance) 9/26/0350FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 10/11/05100Floats AaaAAANRJPMna   
 JP Morgan Chase & Co 9/26/0350FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 9/29/06100Floats A1A+NRJPM0.15 Comb.Comb.
YesK2 (USA) LLC 9/26/0350FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 10/11/0599.97Floats AaaAAANRJPMna   
YesK2 (USA) LLC 9/26/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 4/11/05100Floats AaaAAANRJPMna   
YesLevel 3 Finance 9/26/0350010.75Senior Notes 10/15/1110010.75699Caa2BNRCITI, CSFBna   
YesMajestic Star Casino LLC 9/26/032609.5Sr Secured Nts 10/15/101009.5650B2BNRJEFFERIESna   
YesO'Sullivan Industries Inc 9/26/0310010.63Senior Notes 10/1/089511.986900Caa1B-NRCS-FB-CSna   
YesRayovac Corp 9/26/033508.5Sr Sub Notes 10/1/131008.5442B3B-NRBA-SEC-LLCna   
YesSecurity Benefit Life Insur Co 9/26/031007.45Surplus Notes 10/1/331007.45250Baa1A-NRMORGAN-STANLEYna   
YesWhite Pine Finance LLC 9/26/0350FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 3/29/05100Floats AaaAAANRBANKONE-CAPITALna   
 EnCana Corp 9/29/035004.75Notes 10/15/1399.6824.7973Baa1A-NRCITI, UBSna   
YesDynegy Inc 9/30/0320010.125Secnd Prior Nts 7/15/13105.259.295524B3BNRCS-FB-CSna   
YesDynegy Inc 9/30/031009.875Secnd Prior Nts 7/15/10104.259.021556B3BNRCS-FB-CSna   
 Houghton Mifflin Co 9/30/03265VariesSr Discount Nts 10/15/1356.96Varies745Caa1BNRDB, CIBC, GSna   
YesMBIA Global Funding LLC 9/30/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 4/8/05100Floats AaaAAANRDEUTSCHE-BK-SECna   
 Verizon New England Inc 9/30/033004.75Notes 10/1/1399.0994.86592Aa3AA+AA-ABN, HSBCna   
 Textron Financial Corp 9/30/03202.69Medium-Term Nts 10/3/061002.6971A3A-A-JPMna   
 United Dominion Realty Trust 9/30/03755.13Medium-Term Nts 1/15/141005.13108Baa3BBBNRWACHOVIA-SECna   
YesAmerican Honda Finance 10/1/0370FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 10/6/06100Floats A1A+NRJPMna   
YesBeta Finance Inc(Beta Finance) 10/1/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 10/15/04100Floats AaaAAANRLEHna   
 Centex Corp 10/1/033005.125Notes 10/7/1399.8465.145120Baa2BBBBBB+CITI, JPMna   
YesIntrawest Corp 10/1/033507.5Senior Notes 10/15/131007.5356B1B+NRDEUTSCHE-BK-SECna   
YesLinks Finance Corporation 10/1/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 10/8/04100Floats AaaAAANRLEHna   
YesOneAmerica Financial Partners 10/1/032007Notes 10/15/3399.4887.041216Baa2A-NRLEH, CITIna   
 Popular Inc,Hato Rey,PR 10/1/036003.875Notes 10/1/0899.9833.879107A3BBB+NRBK ONE, JPM0.
YesScotts Co 10/1/032006.625Sr Sub Notes 10/15/131006.625268Ba3B+NRJPM, CITI, BK ONEna   
YesSouthwestern Public Service Co 10/1/031006Notes 10/1/3399.196.059116Baa1BBBBBB+CITI, CSFB0.8750.50.20.175
 Toyota Motor Credit Corp 10/1/03100FloatsMdm-Trm Fl Nts 10/7/04100Floats AaaAAANRJPMna   
YesAmeren Corp 10/2/032004.65Notes 10/1/1399.8034.67565A1A-A-CITI, BASna   

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  • 06 Oct 2003

All International Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 JPMorgan 132,387.73 545 8.30%
2 Citi 123,981.47 487 7.78%
3 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 105,093.26 413 6.59%
4 Barclays 99,545.40 383 6.24%
5 HSBC 81,053.20 424 5.08%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 11,525.35 30 7.25%
2 BNP Paribas 8,422.96 46 5.30%
3 UniCredit 8,389.55 43 5.28%
4 Deutsche Bank 8,298.69 30 5.22%
5 Commerzbank Group 7,837.68 40 4.93%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Morgan Stanley 4,425.28 19 11.23%
2 Goldman Sachs 4,006.06 15 10.16%
3 Citi 3,527.84 22 8.95%
4 JPMorgan 2,809.08 19 7.13%
5 UBS 2,241.39 12 5.69%