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Manager Prepares Options Debut

25 Nov 2002

Singapore-based Maestro Capital Management is preparing to launch its first fund and will consider using over-the-counter equity options. "We'll use the futures market as our medium of trading but as we follow trends we could choose different mediums such as OTC options," explained Nick Delf, managing director in the Lion City. Maestro is looking to start its Global Maestro Fund in early January and will focus on program trading. "We're systematic trend followers," he explained.

"We'll start around USD15-20 million," said Delf, adding the fund could grow to over USD500 million. "There's lots of capacity," he noted. Prior to starting up Maestro last year Delf was the Asia-Pacific head of commodities at UBS Warburg.

Maestro is in the process of selecting a global clearing broker, and will make its decision based on credit quality, technical abilities and fee structure.


25 Nov 2002