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RBI unveils Schuldschein platform Yellowe

By Silas Brown
26 Mar 2019

Raiffeisen Bank International has launched a digital platform for Schuldschein and loan transactions, called Yellowe.

Yellowe is a fully automated debt platform where large corporates and mid-caps find banks and institutional investors to diversify their financing mix,” it states on its website, which launched on Tuesday. “Fully digitalized, Yellowe completes the entire transaction, from document creation to closing, fast and at low cost.”

However, the bank has stated the platform will not challenge the leading outfits in the Schuldschein market — it will mostly be used to transact small, sole lead deals, as well as simplify processes between RBI and its roughly 380 regional banks.

With a streamlined digital process these transactions will be much more efficient.

“If the borrower sticks to the LMA standard with Schuldschein and loan documentation, we can put the data into the term sheet, then from the term sheet import the data into the loan agreement, subscription form and transfer certificate — which is very efficient,” said a senior banker at RBI. 

Raiffeisen was one of the first arranging banks to use VC Trade, the leading digital platform in the Schuldschein market. 

The senior banker said: “We will still use VC trade for big deals with multiple arrangers. We are a cooperative with nearly 400 entities in our sphere, so there is a lot of potential for doing small deals.”

By Silas Brown
26 Mar 2019