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Asiamoney FX and Fixed Income Poll 2014


Welcome to the new look of Asiamoney polls. Asiamoney Polls is now rebranded under the the Global Capital brand and we are pleased to announce the FX and Fixed Income Poll is conducted on this new and revamped site. The Asiamoney FX and Fixed Income Poll 2014 invites financial managers, corporate manager and investors to assess their service providers in the Asia-Pacific region.  

To participate please click the vote button below, the questionnaires are available in English, Chinese and Vietnamese:




The questionnaire is organised into five sections: Personal & Corporate Information, FX, Interest Rate, Commodities, Credit; Personal & Corporate Information is mandatory, then respondents can select any of the four asset classes they wish to complete. Respondents will be transported directly to the selected sections and don't have to browse through the entire questionnaire. Each section requires around 5 minutes to complete.

Respondents don't have to complete the questionnaire in one sitting, they can fill in part of the questionnaire and continue at a latter date, as long as they use the same computer/device, the system saves their previous input.

Respondents will receive a validation email from Asiamoney 1 to 2 working days after they have submitted the poll, and they need to click on the validation click in this email to complete the auditing process. This validation email will be sent to the email address respondents input in the Personal & Corporate Information section.

The methodology and questionnaire are available for reference.


Poll Launch: 3 June

Poll Close: 4 July

FX Press Release with limited results: August

FI Press Release with limited results: September

FX detailed results: September

FI detailed results: October

FX & FI bespoke/full data release: November


In reviewing past results for the Fixed Income Poll we see Citi dominating across Credit and Interest Rates. HSBC and StanChart are also regulars in the top five. Since 2012, ambitous local banks like ANZ and CIMB have made their presence felt, advancing into the top five and displacing traditional big players such as Deutsche Bank and BAML.


 Best for Credit  2011  2012 2013 


 Citi  Citi  Citi


          3  Deutsche Bank  J.P. Morgan  ANZ
          4  StanChart  BAML  StanChart
          5  BNP Paribas  Deutsche Bank  CIMB



 Best of Interest Rates  2011  2012


          1  Citi  Citi  Citi
          2  BNP Paribas  StanChart  HSBC
          3  HSBC  HSBC   StanChart
          4  StanChart  Deutsche Bank  ANZ
          5  Deutsche Bank  ANZ  CIMB 



 Best for Commodities  2011  2012  2013
          1  Citi  BNP Paribas   BNP Paribas
          2  HSBC  Citi  ANZ
          3  BNP Paribas  OCBC  Citi
          4  StanChart  ANZ  StanChart
          5  Barclays  J.P. Morgan    J.P. Morgan


Outside the top five, there is flurry of activity as global and large local banks jostle for position in the top 10 in the Asia-Pacific region.

One bank not evident here in these ranks but no doubt attracts much attention from its peers is Singapore-based OCBC which has consistently outperformed in recent years across all three fixed income asset classes and should continue to exert pressure on both incumbents and challengers alike.

In FX, Citi have established themselves are the top player while HSBC, StanChart and Deutsche Bank sharing some of the spoils in the top ranks. ANZ and CIMB also demonstrate their ambition with impressive climbs.


 Best for FX  2011  2012  2013


 Citi  Citi  Citi
         2  HSBC  HSBC  HSBC
         3  StanChart  Deutsche Bank  StanChart
         4  Deutsche Bank  StanChart  ANZ
         5  BNP Paribas  ANZ  Deutsche Bank
 Financial Institutions      
         1  Citi  Citi  ANZ
         2  BNP Paribas  ANZ  CIMB
         3  HSBC  CIMB  Citi
         4  Barclays Capital  BNP Paribas  J.P. Morgan
         5  Deutsche Bank  Commerzbank  BNP Paribas


Inquiries can be directed to Asiamoney’s Research Team: Anthony Chan (852) 2912 8077, anthony.chan@asiamoney.com, or Harris Fan (852) 2912 8037, harris.fan@asiamoney.com.



Bookrunners of Asia-Pac (ex-Japan) ECM

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 30 Jul 2014
1 Goldman Sachs 10,937.10 59 8.31%
2 UBS 8,543.90 76 6.49%
3 Morgan Stanley 6,821.55 53 5.18%
4 Citi 6,273.41 37 4.77%
5 Credit Suisse 5,588.50 59 4.25%

Bookrunners of Asia (ex-Japan) G3 DCM

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 29 Jul 2014
1 Citi 20,057.25 101 10.99%
2 HSBC 18,090.98 113 9.92%
3 JPMorgan 16,458.56 82 9.02%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 12,523.56 72 6.86%
5 Deutsche Bank 12,476.13 63 6.84%

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