Polling Open for the Asiamoney Private Banking Poll

Polling Period: 22 February - 15 April 

Asiamoney and private banks across the region are inviting high net worth individuals to participate in the 12th annual Private Banking Poll. Your feedback is important in assessing the quality of products and services offered by private banks. 


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The first section Your Details is compulsory, in the second section Private Bank Nomination, please complete all relevant questions. Respondents can nominate three banks they currently use and rate each bank on a scale of zero (worst) to 10 (best) for each of the below categories:

  • Quality of advice
  • Holistic approach addressing advice relating to total portfolio of investible assets
  • Quality & diversity of products
  • Customisation & range of structured products & derivatives
  • Customisation & range of alternative investments such as hedge funds & private equity
  • Client relationship management & servicing
  • Issues of confidentiality & security
  • Wealth Planning - trust services / estate planning / fiduciary services
  • Advisory portfolio management
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Technology and support infrastructure (online and mobile services, provisions for up-to-date valuations)
  • Quality of administration (such as account opening, statements and updating of personal details)

Also, respondents are asked to rank up to three of banks, in first, second and third, for the following:

  • Most financially stable and reputable private bank in Asia
  • Best pure-play private bank in Asia*

Where 3 points will be awarded to first, 2 points awarded to second and 1 point awarded to third; final rankings will be calculated from the aggregation of scores. (* A pure play bank is defined as one that is not part of a broader corporate and/or investment bank, and its entire business is focused on private banking services.  i.e. at least two-thirds of the total revenue is acquired by its private banking business.)

The Overall Best Private Bank category for individual countries/markets, like in previous years, shall be grandularised into the three levels of volume of funds under management – US$1m-5m, US$5.01m-25m, >US$25m, and calculated from the aggregate categories scores.

The rankings for Best Global Private Banks in Asia and Best Domestic Private Banks in Asia are calculated from the Overall Best Private Bank category across all markets. 

Results are divided by market locations – China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Others; and by volume of funds under management with private banks – US$1m-5m, US$5.01m-25m, >US$25m. Results will be published in June.  

Inquiries about the poll, detailed methodology and past results, please contact the Asiamoney Research Team contact Anthony Chan (852 2912 8077 anthony.chan@asiamoney.com) or Harris Fan (852 2912 8037 harris.fan@asiamoney.com).

Panda Bonds Top Arrangers

Rank Arranger Share % by Volume
1 Bank of China (BOC) 18.01
2 Everbright Securities 16.95
3 Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) 10.59
4 HSBC 6.99
5 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 6.36

Bookrunners of Asia-Pac (ex-Japan) ECM

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 18 Jan 2017
1 Haitong Securities Ltd 1,602.34 9 13.94%
2 CITIC Securities 1,474.17 4 12.82%
3 China Securities Co Ltd 1,440.03 7 12.53%
4 Bank of China 1,188.86 5 10.34%
5 Guotai Junan Securities Co Ltd 689.79 3 6.00%

Bookrunners of Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) G3 DCM

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • 18 Jan 2017
1 Citi 2,440.79 8 6.09%
2 HSBC 1,887.35 9 4.71%
3 JPMorgan 1,754.71 7 4.38%
4 Goldman Sachs 1,692.30 4 4.22%
5 Morgan Stanley 1,418.69 3 3.54%

Asian polls & awards

  • China Private Banking Awards 2017

    China’s private banking industry is growing in leaps and bounds. High- and ultra-high-net-worth mainland customers are increasingly mobile, demanding best-in-class service from their financial providers. Banks are adapting to the changing world, rolling out innovative and sophisticated services to their high-end clientele. In recognition of China’s advances in the field, Asiamoney is proud to announce the winners of its awards for best mainland private banks for 2016.

  • Corporate Governance Poll 2016: Time to get serious

    Asia has taken its time in improving corporate governance standards, with experts agreeing on the need for broader action. But Taiwan and Hong Kong firms seem to be moving in the right direction, as shown in the results of this year's Asiamoney Corporate Governance poll. Paolo Danese reports.

  • Best Managed Company Awards 2016: Asia’s finest stand out

    Asiamoney is pleased to present its choices for Asia’s Best Managed Companies in 2016. In a year marked by political and economic upheaval, the region’s best firms and executives impressed on through a combination of factors including financial performance, innovation and strategic execution.

  • Brokers Poll 2016: The right call

    Analysts in Asia are used to dealing with dynamic and unpredictable markets but the events of this year provided a real test of mettle. Against a backdrop of global political upheaval and worsening economic outlook at home, the winners of Asiamoney’s 2016 Brokers Poll have proved they have what it takes to impress their clients.

  • Brokers Poll 2016: HSBC and CLSA take the crown as Asia’s best

    Asia’s brokerages have needed to stay nimble in the face of volatile markets and changing regulation that has tested their industry. HSBC and CLSA are well placed to meet the challenge after coming out top in the Asiamoney Brokers Poll. Peter McGill reports.