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Loan Ranger: Yodelayheehoo!

loan ranger
By GlobalCapital
24 Oct 2016

As bankers traversed the Alps and whizzed down rollercoasters last week, the Ranger prepared for the GlobalCapital's 2017 Loan Awards, testing out some new ideas on the market with mixed results.

UniCredit’s Peter Czajkowsky went to the fair at Southend-on-Sea last weekend. The Ranger voiced horror at the thought of the rusty, rattling rides, but Czajkowsky is something of an adrenaline junky and said that the quite real sense of danger made the experience more exciting.

Raiffeisen Bank International’s Marco Rigatti has more refined tastes, he went hiking in the Alps for his downtime last week. We were not sure of the exact location of the ramble, but if he was in the Bavarian Alps we imagine that the Italian wore the appropriate hiking kit, i.e. lederhosen.

The Ranger met a JP Morgan banker in the middle of the week for a catch up on the loan market. The Ranger suggested a new Lifetime Achievement Award category for this year’s dinner, but that didn't impress him.. 

“Way too cheesy,” apparently.

Oh well, it looks like we have decided to use that category this year anyhow. 

The Ranger now half hopes that the aforementioned banker wins the category!

By GlobalCapital
24 Oct 2016