• Stuttering SBLC-backed bonds are here to stay

    A muted response to recent Asian bond issues backed by standby letters of credit (SBLCs), including deals from Hebei Iron and Steel and from Tewoo Group, have sparked suggestions that credit enhancements are losing their shine because of concentration risk. But the bulls are adamant that the structure is merely going through a rough patch and is here to stay, writes Rev Hui.

    • 30 Oct 2014


  • Fifth time lucky as Siliconware breaks aggressive CB run

    Convertible bond investors losing patience with the recent run of aggressively priced deals got some much needed relief this week when Siliconware Precision Industries tapped the market for a $400m convertible bond that priced at the investor friendly end of terms even after generating a hefty book. The trade’s success is now expected to push those companies waiting on the sidelines to take advantage of the reopening of the issuance window, writes Rashmi Kumar.

    • 30 Oct 2014


  • Pertamina eyes funds onshore for slice of $1.8bn as Indo picks up

    Indonesia’s Pertamina, which has mandated 12 lenders for its $1.8bn five year loan, will fund a portion of the financing onshore. This onshore/offshore split has become a common feature of deals from the country and is set for a boost as positive sentiment following the recent presidential election pushes down pricing, writes Shruti Chaturvedi.

    • 30 Oct 2014

People News

  • UBS hires new Greater China levfin chief

    UBS has made a senior appointment to its leveraged finance team in Hong Kong, hiring a banker from a rival lender to head its leveraged capital markets for Greater China.

    • 30 Oct 2014


  • RMB commodities trading gaining traction

    China’s appetite for commodities and its rapid push for RMB internationalisation is resulting in an expansion of the offering for RMB-denominated commodities and derivatives products, such as the upcoming base metals mini futures contracts on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx)-owned London Metal Exchange (LME) and the September launch of the international board of the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

    • 05:00 AM


  • Lion City's ECM market is struggling to roar

    Singapore this month took what it must hope is a big step forward in livening up its ECM market by overhauling the Companies Act. The move is certainly positive, but the city-state is mistaken if it thinks allowing dual-class structures will be the answer to its troubles. They are far more deeply rooted than that.

    • 28 Oct 2014
  • BoC's AT1: big but not that clever

    You’ve got to hand it to Bank of China. This week it priced the biggest Basel III bank capital deal ever, in what bankers are calling the worst market conditions since 2008. But while the deal was certainly one step forward for Bank of China, it looked like two steps back for the international capital markets.

    • 17 Oct 2014
  • Stop Ebola now – before it stops us

    Don’t switch off. Ebola may not have hit your P&L yet, but it’s going to, soon, and hard, whatever your job is. And look at the charts. The logic is inexorable: the longer we take to overcome the disease, the worse the cost will be – for the global economy and in human life. This is not about a few percentage points of GDP. Modern civilisation itself is at risk.

    • 14 Oct 2014
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5 Deutsche Bank 15,003.40 84 6.14%

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