• KoRes mines demand for five-year Swissie

    State-owned mining group Korea Resources Corporation (KoRes) took advantage of relatively stable market conditions on Thursday to notch a record low coupon on its inaugural Swiss franc bond.

    • 07:00 PM


  • Russian firms look to Asia as ECM dries up

    Gazprom said on Tuesday that it might seek a listing in Hong Kong, in what is the latest tilt towards Asia from Russian companies hurt or worried by Western sanctions. The moves probably will not do much for funding issues, but developing relationships could be a prudent long-term strategy, said bankers.

    • 05:45 PM


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  • Hang Seng and Markit unveil iBoxx RMB index family

    Hang Seng Indexes and Markit this week launched the Hang Seng Markit iBoxx Offshore RMB Bond Index family (HSM iBoxx), which includes more than 600 indices classified according to criteria such as issuer types, sectors, rating, maturity and size.

    • 12:00 PM


  • BoC's AT1: big but not that clever

    You’ve got to hand it to Bank of China. This week it priced the biggest Basel III bank capital deal ever, in what bankers are calling the worst market conditions since 2008. But while the deal was certainly one step forward for Bank of China, it looked like two steps back for the international capital markets.

    • 17 Oct 2014
  • Stop Ebola now – before it stops us

    Don’t switch off. Ebola may not have hit your P&L yet, but it’s going to, soon, and hard, whatever your job is. And look at the charts. The logic is inexorable: the longer we take to overcome the disease, the worse the cost will be – for the global economy and in human life. This is not about a few percentage points of GDP. Modern civilisation itself is at risk.

    • 14 Oct 2014
  • Time for investors to make up their mind about Asia tech

    Alibaba’s record breaking $25bn IPO was supposed to be the trigger that dispelled investor fears about Asian technology companies and opened to door to future listings. But as the volatility in such stocks has shown, investor sentiment in the sector is subject to wild swings. And that is hurting the IPO pipeline.

    • 14 Oct 2014
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  • 22 Oct 2014
1 Goldman Sachs 17,342.11 70 8.45%
2 Morgan Stanley 13,055.54 71 6.36%
3 Citi 12,683.01 57 6.18%
4 Credit Suisse 11,972.64 81 5.84%
5 UBS 11,755.05 101 5.73%

Bookrunners of Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) G3 DCM

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3 JPMorgan 19,600.38 109 0.00%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 15,341.19 90 0.00%
5 Deutsche Bank 14,492.97 81 0.00%

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