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Gifts from a true banker


Investment bankers are terribly ostentatious. Even in my retirement, I like new, shiny and expensive things, and luckily I have a deep enough wallet to afford them.

So I would usually consider it an affront to give a friend a secondhand gift — and to be gifted something secondhand would be equally bad. But I may have to rethink that now.

A young banker I know works in the back office of a swashbuckling firm. He’s an affable chap and easy to get along with. But just how popular he really is took even him by surprise.

A friend of his from the investment banking arm recently asked whether he would like a Mercedes sports car for free.

The poor lamb thought it was some kind of practical joke, until the colleague begged him to take the car. He had apparently just bought a newer, fancier model, and claimed it was a nightmare to find parking spaces for both.

When your hand-me-down is a sports car, it’s certainly hard to resist! Anyone want to give me one?

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