• 16 Jun 2004
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Over the last two months EuroWeek has polled bankers in the bond markets on the individuals they regarded as the best in their field or region. These teams are the result of this process.

Deutsche Bank20
JP Morgan18
Credit Suisse First Boston17
BNP Paribas15
ABN Amro14
Morgan Stanley14
Merrill Lynch12
Goldman Sachs10
Barclays Capital9
Lehman Brothers8
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein5
Royal Bank of Scotland5
Bank of America3

The teams span nine categories within the debt capital markets ? global, European, US, Asian, emerging markets, corporates, frequent issuers, financial institutions and high yield. In most categories, there are teams of 11 for both origination and syndication. However, in some categories these teams have been truncated to reflect either the youth of a product, or the relative dominance of a small number of banks in a market.

There are an additional two teams for frequent issuer syndicate and origination, as voted by borrowers. This category warrants the opinion of borrowers more than any other, as the issuers in this field are in constant contact with the market. It is illuminating to see the opinions of bankers on their peers against those of borrowers.

As with any poll there is likely to be disagreement about those included and those left out. However, EuroWeek has had no input in the voting. People have been included solely on the number of votes received. Similarly captains of teams are based on the number of votes received in the head of team position in our polls, and again EuroWeek had no input in the voting.

For the profiles of team members, we interviewed over 150 people for 17 teams on the subject of their life and career. We received votes for some individuals in more than one category, which is why there are individuals who are part of more than one team.

Below is a league table showing the top banks by team players? institution, using all 19 dream team league tables, including emerging markets, in the bond chapter.

  • 16 Jun 2004

All International Bonds

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Citi 70,767.73 236 8.54%
2 JPMorgan 65,265.75 234 7.88%
3 Barclays 56,658.40 187 6.84%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 49,197.71 178 5.94%
5 Deutsche Bank 44,635.32 162 5.39%

Bookrunners of All Syndicated Loans EMEA

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 6,812.19 7 16.21%
2 Deutsche Bank 3,538.77 6 8.42%
3 Citi 2,570.45 7 6.12%
4 Commerzbank Group 2,532.05 5 6.02%
5 BNP Paribas 1,798.71 8 4.28%

Bookrunners of all EMEA ECM Issuance

Rank Lead Manager Amount $m No of issues Share %
  • Last updated
  • Today
1 UBS 998.25 3 11.59%
2 Citi 801.18 3 9.31%
3 Morgan Stanley 606.80 4 7.05%
4 Bank of America Merrill Lynch 509.34 3 5.92%
5 SG Corporate & Investment Banking 431.66 3 5.01%