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David Potter

19 Jun 2003

Cornering a market is every banker's dream. One of the few to have done just that is David Potter. Then at White Weld, Potter helped arrange the first Euro certificates of deposit (CDs) ever issued for Japanese banks.

"We called them 'Tranche CDs' for no particular reason," Potter later recalled. "Our marketing was so persuasive that for years after we issued them in 1973 we were the only house that Japanese issuers would use."

Potter, and his colleagues Michael von Clemm (see profile) and Michael Dobbs-Higginson, had a string of Euromarket coups including the introduction of the controversial partly paid Eurodollar bond for Alcoa.

Potter left what had become CSFB in 1981 to become the chief executive of the capital markets division of Samuel Montagu.

Working from virtually nothing, he scored a notable success with the debut sterling issue for Marks & Spencer and raised over £1bn for its parent Midland Bank (now HSBC) in perpetual FRNs.

He joined Guinness Mahon in 1990 and is now a director and chairman of various companies.

19 Jun 2003