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In the heat of the moment

By Taipan
19 Mar 2020

The stress of Covid-19 is getting to us all. Especially those of us whose main form of exercise is rigorous sitting.

Things have thankfully started to stabilise in Hong Kong, and many people are returning to work. A friend of mine works for a large international bank in Central, and he was able to go back to working in his office full time a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday, I agreed to meet the chap for coffee, and was told to pop by his office at 2pm. I lost track of time while running errands in the neighbourhood, leaving me late for my coffee meeting. As a rule I pride myself on punctuality, so I decided to run to the man's office some five blocks away.

I admit, I'm not a very active person. The five block jog took its toll on me. By the time I arrived in the lobby of his building I was a sweaty, red-faced mess, wheezing behind my surgical mask. This didn't sit well with the office employees who circled around me.

As I walked to the reception desk, I was stopped by a security guard doing temperature checks. "Step away, sir," he told me. "You've registered as having a fever."

Despite my protests and explanation for my over-heated condition, the guard asked me to back away and leave the building at once.

I was forced to find an air conditioned coffee shop to cool down. Of course, my old friend found the situation hilarious. He asked if I would use this as a sign to get in shape. Quite the contrary. I will never be running again!

By Taipan
19 Mar 2020