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A lesson in how to profit from drinking

By Taipan
06 Jun 2019

Over the years I’ve had many a drink at the Captain’s Bar. As Tai Tai so readily points out, I’m solely responsible for keeping the place open.

In fact, were my liquidity injections for liquid refreshment at the Captain’s Bar deemed equity purchases rather than simple payment for goods provided, I'd probably own the place outright by now.

Perhaps I should have taken a page out of my friend’s book. Like many other bankers in Hong Kong, this chap has funnelled a bit of his extra cash into bars in the city, with his latest venture being a new hot spot in the middle of Central. 

More important than the money he’s making off this little side project, my friend gets a discount on all the booze he’s consuming. Were it me, I would have already surpassed my investment in discounted drinks. Not to mention that any investment would require some excess cash — any spare dollars I tend to get my hands on quickly pass over to those of the staff at the Captain’s Bar. 

But my friend is a savvier chap than I am. He’s taken to scheduling all his client events, journalist meetings and team drinks at his bar, racking up giant tabs and providing a bit of free advertising along the way.

Perhaps that’s another reason he insisted on bringing me there — to ensure that his new booze shop won a mention in these hallowed pages. 

Of course, we can’t provide the name but if you happen to be in a Central bar that is full of either investors, journalists or bankers on a given night, you’re probably in the right place.

By Taipan
06 Jun 2019