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Cast your vote on the latest covered bonds

By Bill Thornhill
07 Oct 2019

Please take a few minutes to cast your confidential vote 20 recently issued euro covered bonds - including those from Erste Group, Virgin Money and Liberbank.

The GlobalCapital Covered Bond Marker allows all market participants to vote confidentially on the latest covered bond deals based on three metrics: timing, pricing and distribution

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and is completely confidential. 

Any or all of the following deals can now be voted on:

The survey can be found here:

Deutsche Hypo €500m 0.01% Sep 2022 

Erste €500m 0.01% Sep 2029

My MoneyBank €500m 0.05% Sep 2029  

LBBW €650m 0.01% Sep 2028 

Lloyds €750m 0.125% Sep 2029  

DZ Hyp €1bn 0.01% Jan 2027 

NN Bank €500m 0.125% Sep 2029  

Virgin Money €600m 0.01% Sep 2026  

Liberbank €1bn 0.25% Sep 2029  

Helaba €1bn 0.01% Sep 2029  

HVB €750m 0.01% Sep 2024  

Credit Agricole SCF €750m 0.01% Sep 2028  

Skipton €500m 0.01% Sep 2024  

Belfius €500m 0.01% Oct 2029  

Hypo Noe €500m 0.01% Oct 2026  

Prima banka €500m 0.01% Oct 2026  

Deutsche Bank €500m 0.01% Oct 2029  

Bawag €500m 0.01% Oct 2029  

Berlin Hyp €1bn 0.01% Aug 2022  

MuenchenerHyp €500m 0.01% Sep 2023

The Covered Bond Marker League Table

Please take a look at GlobalCapital's interactive Covered BondMarker League TableBuilder for covered bonds provides an up-to-date ranking of banks that have worked on the highest quality deals. You don't need to be a subscriber to use this feature.

Below the league table you can find all recent related covered bond marker stories.

How the Covered Bond Mark is calculated

Subscribers can check out our deal database here. Remind yourself of the deals we've seen, the spread, the size, the oversubscription ratio, the number of orders, the distribution and the bid levels one week after launch. Each deal in the database has a link to the deal review. 

The database also has a column showing the BondMarker average score.

The covered bond mark ranges from 0 which is worst to 10 which is best.  Five points are based on an automated score and five points are based on the survey. If less than three people vote on any given deal - the automated mark is doubled.  

The automated mark is calculated as follows:  

Number of Investors

0-20                       0

21-39                     2             

40-59                    4

60-99                    4.5

100+                      5

Deal size

0bn-0.49bn           0

€500m                   3             

€750m                   3.5

€1bn                      4

€1.25bn                4.5

€1.5bn+                5

Oversubscription ratio

<1 0.                      0

1.0-1.09                2

1.1-1.29                3

1.3-1.59                4

1.6-1.99                4.5

2+                           5

Bid one week after launch

Positive Figure   0

0                              1

-1                            3

-2                            4.5

-3                            4.75

-4 or more           5


By Bill Thornhill
07 Oct 2019