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A lesson on how to dress for success

By Taipan
27 Sep 2018

There is not enough flash in the markets anymore. After a whole generation of Silicon Valley geniuses made billions while dressed like stoned teenagers, style and panache seem to have taken a back seat. Thank heavens for the old guard.

Back in my day, the first thing you noticed about a Master of the Universe was his Savile Row suit, his Aubercy brogues or his Patek Philippe. Now, even the moneyed set are going to Kowloon back alleys for a fitting, Bally’s are considered overpriced and everyone has a smart watch that monitors their daily intake of gluten.

But I do know one old-school chap who still stands out for his refined style and brainpower. Mark Mobius, the emerging markets guru, will never cease to impress me.

At a recent event I attended, Mark took the stage in a powder blue suit, with a matching — and sizeable — gold ring set with a blue gem in the middle. When I saw Mark the next morning for coffee, he looked casual yet dapper, with another large gold ring around a colour coordinated orange jewel.

Since then, I’ve noticed the charming fund manager subtly pair a signature ring with almost all of his outfits. Here, he is wearing a silver and blue ring in a television interview. There, he pairs a light blue and salmon tie with a similar shade flashing on his hand.

Putting Mark’s prolific career and market smarts aside, his style is something the young guns need to be trying to emulate. Does anyone in the new generation have that level of attention to detail?

They can’t even match their socks.

By Taipan
27 Sep 2018