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When a banker should jump for joy

By Taipan
06 Sep 2018

Oh, the things investment bankers do to win a pitch. I remember clearly the advent of colour printing, when using flashy designs could make your presentations look extra special.

Then there was the birth of new technology. Bankers today have slideshows, graphics, and endless ways to use PowerPoint presentations to their advantage, making their documentation nearly flawless. But when it’s this easy for everyone, how do you stand out?

Personally, I’m all about the back-room negotiations. You know, the fancy dinners and late night drinks, before ending up in a slightly seedy bar where you seal the deal with a handshake.

But I suppose there needs to be some flash and pizazz in the formal pitch meetings as well. And one banker friend of mine recently went the extra mile to prepare the most memorable pitch for one company.

Picture this: your classic Chinese boardroom with a long, glossy wooden table. Seated on one side, facing the door, is a row of stern looking gentlemen in crisp suits — people not to be trifled with. But this chap did just that. Where other bankers came in, shook hands and presented their business cards in the customary way, this man ran into the room and jumped (yes, jumped) on to the table before exclaiming loudly about how enthusiastic he was about their funding plans.

The issuer’s management was understandably taken aback. But luckily for my friend, they were shocked in a good way. They loved the theatrics and immediately bumped up his bank to the top of the mandate list.

This chap definitely made a big impression. But I must say I am worried about what bankers will have to resort to for the next big pitch meeting. He has certainly set a very high bar!

By Taipan
06 Sep 2018