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Dating token adds allure to crypto bubble

By Taipan
01 Mar 2018

Journalists are overwhelmed with press releases on a daily basis. Nowadays, comms managers tend to publicise anything and everything: the personal assistant of the deputy CEO moved to Singapore, the chairman’s dog fell over, blockchain blah blah something something proof of concept.

But despite this endless assault of ‘right-sizing’, ‘dynamic synergies’ and ‘integrated solutions’, the occasional press release can still stop reporters in their tracks.

Such was the case the other day when GlobalCapital Asia received its zillionth cryptocurrency-related email. This one seemed to be unveiling a business plan that looked rather similar to the oldest profession in the world.

Superdate describes itself as an ‘activity-based, activity-focused dating application’. This is tantalising for those of us with dating lives best described as ‘inactivity-based’ and ‘inactivity-focused’, although it does sound rather tiring.

The company is planning an initial coin offering, selling its users tokens they can then give to each other for… well, this is where it gets a bit hazy. There is an old-fashioned word for ‘cost-assigned’ dating, but it is one we couldn’t possibly publish in these pages.

We are assured, however, that none of this is as dodgy as it sounds.

“Superdate’s tokenization strategy will serve to verify the authenticity of users, dissolve ‘attention imbalance’, and encourage a higher standard of behavior, with many other potential benefits,” according to Cyndi Hunter, the company’s vice-president of marketing.

What a relief. 

By Taipan
01 Mar 2018